A summary of 8 points from the talks on the crane collapse incident The police have rushed to investigate the rumours. A body was buried behind the factory.

Police are investigating after rumors of the results of the 8-point talks regarding a crane collapse in Rayong that killed 7 people spread. Is it true or false that the bodies of the workers were buried behind the factory?

(March 30, 2024) After a crane collapsed at a construction site in Thasit Sub-district, Pluek Dang District, Rayong Province, inside a building inside a steel smelting factory around 3:00 p.m. As a result, 6 people died on the spot, 1 was seriously injured and later died in the hospital, making a total of 7 people dead. The incident took place in the evening of March 29, 2024. It was said in the conversation. Keep talking all day long. There were sporadic labor uprisings throughout the day before negotiations reached an agreement.

Officials from the Ministry of Labor must talk and negotiate a solution before Rayong Province and related agencies arrive. It took over 3 hours as the Labor Department continued to debate the issue of unfair social security benefits entitlements. and barriers from speaking because the factory has multiracial workers.

Until 3:30 pm, Deputy Governor of Rayong Province, Mr. Set up a schedule to announce the Kamthorn Vehan incident and the assistance provided. He expressed his condolences to the relatives of the seven deceased.

Pol Col Jirawat Sakrivattana, Deputy Commander of Rayong Provincial Police. Referring to the issue, it is said that the workers are buried behind the factory. Witnesses and testimony must be thoroughly re-examined because it is not yet clear how much of the news is true or false. And throughout the incident area, unauthorized persons are currently not allowed to enter the area. All are engaged in the process of examining the evidence to find out the cause of the incident.

Deputy Governor of Rayong Province Mr. A discussion was held to meet the needs and demands of both parties as per the wishes of the 3 parties, Cumthorn Vehan company representatives, the department, and the workers and relatives of the deceased. As a result of the discussion, 8 conclusions were drawn as follows:

1. Compensation to relatives of 7 deceased persons, 1.6 million baht each. As of March 29, 2024, 500,000 baht each has been paid to the relatives of the deceased, with the balance amounting to 1,100,000 baht.

2. Employer is responsible for funeral expenses. For 7 deceased employees

3. If the employee claims that the social security contributions deducted by the employer from the employee were not remitted to the social security fund. The Social Security office will follow up with each person in 2 weeks.

4. If the employee claims that the employee lost a limb and did not receive assistance, the Social Security Office will follow up with the employer and submit documents regarding the facts and details within 2 weeks.

5. If the employee submits the medical expense documents to the employer and does not receive assistance, the Social Security Office will investigate the matter within 2 weeks /

6. In case the passports of both employees have the same purpose, they are kept in the company, copies are given to the employees, and when the employees leave the job, the employer returns the passport documents to everyone.

7. 3 If the employer suspects the dismissal of employees, the Rayong Provincial Labor Safety and Welfare Office will ensure that they receive benefits according to law.

8. The employer agrees to treat Myanmar employees in accordance with their rights in accordance with labor protection laws.

The deputy governor of Rayong province confirmed this and the cause of the incident should be investigated urgently. And to find out the facts in cases where social security money has been deducted but not yet sent, it will be carried out for relatives to talk to each other and perform religious rites in the area of ​​Pluck Tang District, Rayong Province regarding the funeral management issue. After negotiations were completed, it was discovered that the group reported to be Myanmar nationals. At the end of the talks they all expressed happiness and satisfaction.

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