A Russian shelling of Kharkiv has killed at least seven people and injured 34, officials say

A British man is said to have been captured by the Russians from the Ukrainian army

Russian state television on Thursday evening aired footage showing a young man in handcuffs and with his forehead cut off, claiming to be Aidan Aslin, a British member of the Ukrainian army.

This was confirmed by his mother Ang Wood TelegraphHas dedicated several articles to the 28-year-old, including before the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Aidan is an active member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, so he is a prisoner of war.”WHO “Be treated with humanity”He told the newspaper he had reminded Vladimir Putin of the Geneva conference on prisoners of war. “He already appears to have been attacked. It is time for the UK government to step in to defend Aidan’s release.”She added.

Videos with the logo of the Kremlin-sponsored channel RT have been circulating on social media, where the young man appears to be questioning Ukraine’s responsibility in the conflict, with pictures described. “Campaign” His grandmother Pamela Hall with the British agency PA.

The news to the youth was animated by relatives on his Twitter account on Tuesday, as they look forward to the transfer of the prisoners. Forty-eight days later he explained “We tried our best to protect Mariupol [dans le sud-est de l’Ukraine]But we have no choice but to surrender to the Russian forces. “. “We have no food or ammunition. I hope this war will end soon. “He added.

London is aware that a British national has been detained and is in contact with his family.

According to Telegraph, Aidan Aslin, also known as Johnny, joined the Ukrainian Navy in 2018 and bought a house in the country to support the family with his fiance. Before fighting in Ukraine, Aidan Aslin joined the Kurds from the YPG (People’s Defense Units) to fight the Islamic State group in Syria.

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