A new dimension of promotion! Jay Park opens an OnlyFans account for followers for free to promote McNasty's new song

Jay's garden or Park Jaebum The talented young artist has opened up another unparalleled promotional experience. By opening an OnlyFans account, you can continue for free. To promote new songs Mcnesty Which is set to be heard on June 30

Jay Park 01

On June 25th Jay's garden She announced the opening of an OnlyFans account called @jaypark.mcnasty Via private channels with a link attached so you can follow each other for free at no cost.

In an account Jay's garden On OnlyFans, they post teaser videos and photos with racy camera angles. Promoting a new song called Mcnesty This will be released on June 30, and as soon as the account was opened, it created a lot of hype. With promotion in a new, unprecedented way, it also led to a continuous increase in the number of followers and likes, and it can be said that it is a promotion that received great attention.

Jay Park Onlyfans AccJay Park Onlyfans Acc

For everyone who wants to view photos and videos Jay's garden You can follow each other on OnlyFans. @jaypark.mcnasty Then wait and listen to the new songs that come with unconventional promotions like no other. Mcnesty On this day, June 30 💖

Jay Park 02Jay Park 02

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