A mysterious metal pillar reappears in the middle of the desert in the United States: PPTVHD36

A strange incident occurred in the United States when a mysterious metal pillar suddenly appeared in the middle of the desert, and until now there is no answer as to why it was there. Who proposed it?

A monolith of metal has been spotted near the summit of Gas Peak in the Nevada desert. Last weekend, an officer from the Las Vegas Police Department witnessed this. While conducting a search and rescue mission in the canyons north of Las Vegas. So he recorded the pictures and posted them on the Facebook page. With the caption: “We found a lot of weird stuff, but check it out! How did it get here?”

The metal pole, which is rectangular, tall and reflective, is similar in appearance to mysterious metal poles that appeared in several states during 2020 when the world was still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, including in the deserts of the United States and were spotted by helicopter pilots. In addition, similar towers appeared in many other countries around the world around the same time. Whether in Romania or England

The prototype for this metal pole should be similar to the metal pole in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the classic 1968 film directed by Stanley Kubrick, which revolves around a black metal pole. Created by aliens

So far there is no clear explanation. How did this mysterious column come to be? Who does it belong to? There is speculation that it may be part of an art installation, but every time this column appears, no one ever comes out and declares themselves the owner.

Earlier, in March, a mysterious metal pillar was discovered on a hill in Wales. But they couldn't find out who put the metal pole there.

Although nothing has been found yet. But Las Vegas officials are taking advantage of this strange story. Enhancing public relations for citizens and tourists who will travel to visit the desert in Nevada. Be prepared for extremely hot weather.

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