A merchant fights for her life, wins 132 million in the lottery, and renews her life after becoming a millionaire for 8 years.

The salesman fights for her life. He is amazed that he won 132 million in the lottery and people's fortunes will be rich. An update on his life after being a millionaire for 8 years. Now he still sells spring rolls.

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While winning the lottery has become a life-changing event for many people, some people live comfortably off of wealth. While some people's lives are ruined due to extravagance. Not long ago, on June 13, 2024, Phu Nu & Pha Pluat featured the story of another lucky village woman. With her life story after winning 92 billion dong (about 132 million baht) in the lottery, along with updates on the current life of this person who became a millionaire overnight.

Reports reveal that the woman who won 92 billion dong in the lottery is Nguyen Thi Anh Dau, a villager from Tra Vinh Province. Vietnam is the youngest daughter of four siblings, and in the past she had to go to work selling pigs in the market every day. Including coming back to help parents sell spring rolls. Although the family income is not bad, there is some debt.

A trader fights for his life and wins 192 million in the lottery.
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As of October 2016, she bought three lottery tickets, not knowing that the purchase would be a turning point.

Nguyen Thi Anh Dau recalled that exciting moment. That day, she was out selling until 8pm and had just finished charging her phone. They then checked the lottery and found that the first two tickets did not win, but the third ticket won the jackpot. She couldn't believe her eyes so she hurriedly showed her father the lottery ticket. When she found out she had actually won, she ran to the lottery seller. Ask him if he wins the prize how will he get the money?

The big news made her very excited, and Nguyen Thi Anh Dau admitted that she couldn't eat for a whole month, couldn't sleep, and was confused and afraid. Her family even had to move elsewhere for refuge.

Neighbors said Nguyen Thi Anh Dau and her husband lived in the same house as their parents. She is a very nice person. Always smiling Be kind to your neighbors When she heard the news that she had won 92 billion dong in the lottery, many people went to congratulate her.

After winning the lottery, this pig seller's life changed. She used some of the money to pay off all her debts. He donated nearly 2 billion dong (about 2.8 million baht) to charity. In addition, they gave money to their parents and three of their siblings to start the business, so they now have a beautiful new home.

Nguyen Thi Anh Dau said she was not interested in risky investments, so after winning the lottery she used the money to buy a new house to live in. Purchasing a place outside the city and holding it as a property. Buy another house to rent out. And deposit the remaining amount in the bank.

Meanwhile, her father is building a new house. Buy land and build shops to rent out. They earn more than 30 million dong (about 43,000 baht) a month. However, although they now enjoy a rich life, she and her father still keep their frugal habits unchanged.

What's even more surprising is that after winning the lottery, Nguyen Thi Anh Dau and her brothers continued working and opened a spring roll shop. I didn't stop working to live a comfortable life like many people think, it's a simple and happy way of life.

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