A look at the current life of Kae Rungnapa, former actress – beautiful, perfect, talented and unchanged Dutch girl: PPTVHD36

Biography of “Kae Natthanin” or “Kae Rungnapa”, former actress from the famous Dutchie Boy and Girl theater, who now works outside the entertainment industry.

He's been off the screen for a very long time. But recently it has been talked about on social media again. Kai Natanen Or the original name “Kai Rugnapa Phong Thepsokon” The former Chinese actress scores as contestants in the Dutch Boy and Girl competition in 2000

I believe that once the name is mentioned, many people will still remember the smile. This girl is good at working in the foreground and behind the scenes. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, specializing in drama, Thammasat University, and she is currently 40 years old.

If we go back to the time when we were active in the entertainment industry. This girl was one of the leading names in the famous theater searching for former famous performers, Dutchie Boy and Girl entered the competition in 2000.

From that competition, he had the opportunity to enter the industry full-time, having worked in dramas such as Wang Waree, Kua Kae Hua Jai ​​Fut Yuan, Krong Phet, Tok Kra Dai Hua Jai ​​Ploy Jon, Young. Hock Niobe, Rak Lum Sui, Lake Rai, Pli Rak, Rak les Viet Bai, Huagai Lad Fa, etc., including the silver screen films “Nine Buddhas of Protection”

He showed another talent with being the host of Jay Zone (Channel 7), Ruby Sky (Travel Channel TrueVisions 73 Thailand) and playing music videos for popular songs like “Can I Call You (Seree Rungsawang), “You Don’t “Love” ( Aof Pongsak), Only the Best Songs (Ui buddha Bless Feat. Na Polycat) too

Before the latter disappeared from the industry I switched to working mainly in other fields, be it a private and group yoga instructor, MC, life consultant, or PR and Mkt expert, which is what I currently do.

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