A lawyer is kidnapped by disgruntled clients


A lawyer is kidnapped by disgruntled clients

In Paris, two men who lost their trial violently attacked their lawyer.


The police arrested and arrested the two attackers.


A Parisian lawyer endures a real ordeal by former clients who fail at trial. They beat him and kidnapped him.

At the end of the day on Saturday, two people called the office of the 51-year-old criminal prosecutor in Paris’s 7th arrondissement. Having lost a case, they demanded a refund of 700 euros in fees.

The lawyer may have refused or said he did not have such amount. Somehow both of them started beating him. “Pushes in the face and stomach,” he explains “The Parisian”.

“Escort” on the streets of Paris

The assailants then asked the lawyer to go and withdraw money from the ATM. They then “guided” him through the streets of Paris.

Fortunately, the lawyer was able to alert a friend, who alerted the police. A squad then managed to geo-locate his phone and found the trio around 9:15pm. One of the attackers had the victim’s bank card.

Two of the attackers were arrested and jailed. The men, aged 51 and 42, have been charged with aggravated assault, threats and kidnapping. The lawyer did not sustain serious injuries and did not require hospitalization.

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