A husband challenges his wife to give him 50 million baht after sterilizing her, but the DNA results are still pregnant, and everyone is shocked!

The husband is angry. He has been sterilized but his wife is still pregnant. Boye said his wife committed adultery until the house was nearly destroyed. So his wife bet 50 million cash and handed over the house to him if the DNA results came back as his child. Until the truth is revealed

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On May 30, 2024, CTWANT revealed the story of a couple in China. Not long ago both families faced unexpected divisions. When the wife is pregnant with the third child, even though the husband has already been sterilized. The wife was accused of cheating to the point that she bet out of anger that if the DNA test came back it was indeed her husband's child. He will move the house with 50 million.

Lu Jinheng, a urologist, discovered this rare condition. Via social media, it was reported that the couple had previously had two children after the children entered primary school. The husband decided to undergo a sterilization procedure and it was successful. But it came to light one year later and his wife got pregnant instead. This made her husband very angry because he understood that she was having an affair. But his wife denied this and insisted that she was definitely not cheating.

The wife was also very angry because her husband did not trust her. He accused her of dishonesty and said bad words to her. She announced her challenge that if the DNA was tested after birth, it would be clear that the fetus in her womb is not her husband’s child. She is ready to leave to raise the children on her own. I am willing to annul the marriage but if that is not the case then the child is really the stepchild and he must transfer the ownership of the entire house to her name. Including transferring another 10 million yuan (about 50 million baht) to her account.

The husband agreed to the waiver according to the wife's conditions. But at the same time, he secretly came to consult with Doctor Lu Jinheng and explained that the permanent sterilization surgery would be done using traditional methods. The vas deferens are cut and tied. To prevent sperm from the testicle from moving into the sperm sac. It makes semen ejaculate without sperm. Therefore, there is a very small possibility of sperm coming out, but sometimes there are cases where it is discovered that there is still a small amount of sperm remaining after a vasectomy.

Some people will still detect some sperm in their semen, Lu Jinheng said. From half a year to a year after sterilization, and even if the sterilization process is successful and the chance of pregnancy is very small, this is true. But in theory as long as the sperm is alive, there is a chance of pregnancy. It is sterilization of males using traditional methods by cutting and tying the sperm ducts. There is a 17 percent chance of this happening.

In this couple's case, doctors eventually found some live sperm. Even if the movement isn't very good. The husband then agreed to believe that his wife had been unfaithful. Thus the conflict with her ended. Until she gave birth to a child and the results of genetic tests clearly confirmed that he was the father by blood.

However, the report did not reveal whether the husband transferred the house and the aforementioned amount to the wife according to the agreement or not? Or there are already negotiations and mediation

Thank you for the information from CTWANT, China Times.

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