A group of photos from the funeral ceremony of DJ Kuo and the artists present for the last time (clip)

After receiving this sad news Dj ko trin ruangkitrathanakul The 36-year-old popular DJ from the band 106.5 Green Wave fell from a popular hotel in the Sukhumvit area. Last Friday, November 17, the family held a religious ceremony at Pariwat Ratchasongkram Temple, Yanawa District, Bangkok. From Saturday, November 18 through November 20, and on November 21, a cremation service will be held.

Last morning, family and close friends invited 9 monks to perform a merit ceremony. And food was served to the monks for lunch. After that, there was a ceremony to transfer DJ Ko’s coffin to the crematorium to await the cremation ceremony at 5:00 pm today.

Before the cremation ceremony for DJ CO began, the family including his father, older sister, and younger sister, including DJ CO’s wife, held a ceremony to burn the passport in case DJCO could use it in the spirit world. You will be able to travel easily. The reason for this party is because DJ Ko is still young. You will have money and gold to spend in another world according to your family’s beliefs.

There were many friends in the entertainment industry who came to send DJ GO one last time, including DJ Pae Wisava Kittankajorn, DJ Ket Ketsarin Wirojchuchat, DJ Fiat Thatchanon Jarupatchanee, and Tok Su. Tinart News Anchor, DJ Jem Natpawin Kulkalyadee, DJ Chowchao Chawalit Srimankongtham, DJ Nan Rashada Jungwatanakit, DJ Cable Tinapob Phadong Tham, DJ Poe, DJ Sunday, Nicole Therio, Tiger Achira Therio, DJ Pong Natapong, Dr Bowen Doctor Copkulaya, Archie, DJV, DJ Jack Ryder, Na Thanapon Awake, Pasin Tanprioh, etc.

During one part of the concert, DJ Pee Wisava, a senior DJ close to DJ Go, spoke about the history of DJ Go and revealed that DJ Ko is a good person, sending smiles, laughter and encouragement to anyone feeling down. DJGO’s happiness is meeting everyone who spreads love. He is a person who loves to joke, tease and excite. Some of his actions seem as if he does not care, but in reality he always loves and cares.

As for DJ Ko’s older sister, she said while crying that DJ Ko is the entire family’s world. It is the happiness of Nan, DJ Ko’s wife, no matter what she feels, everything is still the same. Be proud Power is power Before he told DJ Ko that he would go up to the sky, sleep well, and don’t have to worry about anything. Everyone will be strong, smiling and happy as if we had each other every day.

By the time of the sandalwood flower laying ceremony even the family members are crying but he still smiles and welcomes the guests and thanks them for attending the event. As for the guests who attended the ceremony, many of them came to hug, console and encourage the family.

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