A cargo plane crashed in the northern part of the country

A cargo plane crashed near the northern Greek town of Paleochori Kavalas on Saturday night, firefighters said. State television ERT reported that it was a Ukrainian Antonov.

Athens News reported that witnesses saw the plane on fire and heard an explosion. ‘At 10:45pm I was surprised to hear the sound of the plane’s engine. I came out and saw a plane on fire,” Giorgos Archontopoulos told public broadcaster ERT.

According to Greek local authorities, about fifteen firefighters with seven fire engines rushed to the scene of the accident, but were unable to reach the device, which was still rocked by the explosions.

‘Dangerous’ flight

According to press reports, the plane was flying between Serbia and Jordan and requested permission to make an emergency landing at the Greek airport of Kavala, but was unable to complete the maneuver in time.

State television ERT said it was Ukrainian Antonov, and residents of the area who witnessed it burst into flames before crashing.

No official information was available on the number of people on board, but according to ERT, the freighter was carrying eight people and was “in danger”. Police asked reporters near the accident to wear masks.


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