A broken disabled man changes your life with old clothes that have been hidden in the closet for many years. Amazing, 54 million made!

Open the story The Man with the Broken Tank is very difficult. Change your life in a shocking way with an old piece of cloth that has been in the closet for many years. I never knew it was truly a treasure. He earned 54 million in wealth

Photo from Lauren Kritzer's Facebook page.

It became news that received a great deal of attention. In the case of Al Shams website, he presented the story of a former carpenter who was at a loss. There was not enough money to live on. Mian had to face an unexpected event that changes his life. When the old, worthless cloak that had been kept in the closet for seven years became the treasure that saved his life.

Reports revealed that Lauren, who lives in the US state of California, was working as a self-employed carpenter. But he had to bid farewell to his old career after a car accident in 2007, which left him in the hospital for several months. This was due to the left foot being seriously injured, bone fractures and nerve damage. Until infection occurs and finally, doctors deliver the bad news that his foot must be amputated.

Due to his health condition, he is no longer able to work as before. Ultimately, he fought for the rights of people with disabilities. And you decide to move in with friends. You'll have to set aside $700 (about 25,000 baht) to help pay the rent. There is only $200 left to live on per month (about 7,300 baht).

But his fateful day came in 2012 when Lauren saw a clip from Antiques Roadshow featuring an elderly Arizona man wearing a Navajo robe. Come and let the program try to evaluate the value. Before it was discovered that the cloth was worth $500,000 (about 18 million baht).

Don Ellis, a Native American art collector and gallery owner, explained that the veil was considered an expensive treasure even in that era. Its value was equivalent to the income earned by the elite of that era over a period of 4 years.

But what caught Lauren's attention most was her hijab look. Stop the clip and quickly head towards the closet. Pick up an old, worn-out heirloom veil and post it. Compared to the veil that is on TV before we discover that they have very similar characteristics

“This guy's clothes are on TV. The appraiser said it's worth $300,000 to $500,000 (about 7 to 18 million baht). I think this piece could probably sell for $5,000 to $10,000 (about 180,000 to 360 million baht). One thousand baht).” Lauren said.

This turned out to be a seemingly worthless cloak. It was an heirloom that had been passed down in his family since the 19th century, starting with the merchant Khun Thiat. But although it had been passed down through the generations, no one in the family knew what a precious treasure it was. Including Lauren who got it from Grandma's house.

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Photo from Lauren Kritzer's Facebook page.

Loren said that when his grandmother died he went home and only took a few things as an inheritance, because his mother and sister took all the other things. The last thing left was the bag. Inside were two veils that the grandmother had received from her great-grandmother.

One of those covers is Navajo Chief Blanket This is about to change Lauren's life.

But although this cloak may have had great value, others refused to believe Loren's story. He even brought a clip of the show to show his mother. She still couldn't believe that this old cloth had any value at all. He said that too “Oh? It's unlikely that anyone will pay you $10 (about 360 baht) for this piece of cloth.”

After being rejected by several antique dealers, Lauren did not buy clothes. He finally decided to try his luck with John Moran Auctioneers, an auction company known for selling Native American antiques. Who would have thought that this cloth would cause a fierce battle between the auctioneers? From an opening price of $150,000 (about 5.4 million baht), bidding was increased to $500,000 (about 18 million baht) to $1 million (about 36 million baht) before the final price was set at $1.5 million (about 54 million baht). 1 million baht) Bidding on this fabric takes only 77 seconds.

“They had to bring me water. Help me wipe my sweat. I started breathing very fast because I couldn't believe what was happening. At that time I couldn't breathe.” Lauren said.

According to appraiser Joshua Baer, ​​the Lorraine robe is actually one of the finest and rarest Navajo Chief blankets.

The money came as a blessing to Lauren. Who suffers from a difficult life and admits that this money gave him a new life. He invested the money in stocks, bonds, two houses, and took his family on a cruise. He will use this money to restore his health in the future.

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