8 million debt revealed wife! He borrowed the “Magic Verb” to heal himself. Aim to clear them all within this year.

“What are friends for?” My wife is proud of the concert, and there are many who love her. I wish you a happy go. Don't worry about going down. Crying on the last day of cremation I don't cry anymore. All within this year with the aim of clearing the 8 million loan Mek Winai took to sustain himself.

Last night, March 26, 2024, entertainers performed a concert. “What are friends for?” Headed by Tawandong German Brewery branch on Ramindra Expressway to raise money to help McVinney's family after his death. “Nome, Innocence, Sunshine” Close friends in the industry including many singers from the 90s, the highlight of the stage was the fans. “Nang Mark” Meghat's eldest son took the stage to sing in memory of my late father “O Archanya Kraiputr” Mak Viny's wife opened up to the media. Today I am happy for the clouds. I wish you a happy go. Mek's 8 million debt is ready to be disclosed, and it aims to clear all debt by this year.

“Today, I am happy for P'Mek. He will be happy if he is still here. In fact he knows that he has many friends. But he doesn't know how much his friend loves Mack. If you look at the Mac today, you'll probably be happy, it's more than expected, I didn't think it would be this size. I am motivated. It makes me realize that P'Mek doesn't have to be sad anymore. If you're still here and still listening to it, you should know you're going to be happy. Because we too will live better lives.

It was revealed that the legs were shaking while singing “Nong Mark”. I didn't think there would be so many people.
It was more than I expected (laughs) and it was my first big stage. He was very excited. Because he was shaking before going on stage. He was very excited. He didn't expect the hall to be so big. And met many people. It was clear from a young age that, in fact, P'Mek wanted him to be an actor. P'Mek has been her acting coach since childhood. There will be a clip of P'Mek teaching his children about acting. But he told his father that he did not like it. He wants to be a singer. He felt happy while singing. A saw today and it was more than expected. I don't think he will sing well today. And the people who listen and admire his father influence him to admire his son.

“Noom Kongrakan Sangsuriya” and “Dono Pakin Kamvilaisak” have become more and more anxious after this. The last time I cried was on the cremation day.
“Younger brother, he is very worried. Actually it was not just that young man. After a busy period Donno and many who came to speak feared it would be a quiet period. He was afraid of falling. But I would like to say that we are not going downhill. Because we have a goal and that is, I will cry the day B'Mek is cremated for the last time. And I'll try not to cry.

This morning, Loy Tuesday, the children saw their father for the last time as he carried on a career of which he should be proud.
“I sent him at last. Nong Murch, Nong Mark and Nong Mam also saw their father for the last time. Everyone wants their father to go to a better place in the world. I really don't want to stop being tired. Because if you stop being tired, you need to be alone. I like to keep it busy, I have to work and work.

Many companies will open now. Then there is a dietary supplement factory. Manufacturing of cosmetics I am looking to export it. Some teams are talking. Because it was actually A's plan before B'Mech left. But A still did not speak to him. Because he saw that he was not yet in a position to speak to us. But I planned first. Because Eve knew that at that time we had to incur a lot of expenses. Ae wants to make him proud and gain strength quickly. But it turns out he left. But we must continue.”

I want to clear Mac's debt, about 8 million, by this year. Meg took out a loan to take care of herself.
“Actually, it's about debt. Ae sees that if she continues to work because of the children's education, she can save more money to send her kids to school. But Ae wants to clean it up in B'Mc's debt department.In fact, this year I set a goal, if possible, all his debts, about 7-8 million. I want to clear it all within this year. In fact, people need to have goals in the first place. And let's hope to do it successfully.

It was a tumor that Brother Mack already knew about. Because he is the borrower. And the part it uses to sustain itself. Since having to buy various equipments If you've ever been to an in-home interview, you'll find that B'Mc's equipment is a lot of equipment and a waste of money. But we must focus on cleanliness. Because he has not had an infection in the last 5 years. For example, all his belongings were washed in hot water. Bathe, break wounds, and use a total of saline a day. We are confident that our care has no way of infecting him. But he peeled his own skin and got past the infection.

I will be happy if anyone in the industry can help.
“You are welcome and always ready. I want to work, be busy and earn a lot of money. A has set a goal to provide a good future for his children. Now a days he is not focused on anything except earning money and sending his children to higher education. Our children's future come first now.

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