6 Thai girls are ready to fight! Review – 5th Volleyball League Program, Japan, October 28-29.

This weekend, TrueID is requestedComplete continuously with volleyball battle V. Japanese League Type of women’s team week 2 hoursThe first match for the “former champion” NEC red Rockets New agency forpure” Acharaporn Maintain rank Including other teamsReady for a blast of fun to the fullest. 8 Couples every Saturdaythis week

a race Japan Volleyball League 2023/24 Type of Women’s Team There will be a competition for the second week. Valid identifier I would like to please Thai football fans in a very serious way. By broadcasting live matches for free viewing of up to 8 matches, divided into 4 matches on Saturday and another 4 matches on Sunday, each match will be very exciting to follow as fans will be able to watch and cheer on the Thai players. On the field, all 6 people from 6 teams, as well as being able to watch 3 pairs of Thai athletes competing against each other.

Weekly live broadcast of Japan Volleyball League 2023/24

Type of women’s team

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Let’s start the fun with the first gameSaturday time 28 This October at 11:00 am. This will be the team’s debut. “Double champion” last season that it NEC red Rockets Who recently strengthened their army By pulling “pure” Acharaporn Kunjyot The mainstay of the Thai national team is entering the team, and the first match will be the opening match against Denso Errebus In this game, will the former champion team make their luxury debut or not? Fans will have to wait and see together.

Meanwhile in time 11.05 nThere is another Thai girl who will also enter the competition. “pine screw” Hataya Bumrongsuk Fast-paced football The Thai national team will lead the team Toyota Queensies Who did not start well in the first week after losing two consecutive matches. Go out and visit Okayama seagulls

Then time 13.30 n. Let’s continue to send encouragement to support two other Thai athletes who are preparing to take the field. “firmness” Pembechaya Kokram He will lead the army Kurobe Aqua Fairies Invasion to visit Hitachi Astimo New agency for “Nan” Tadao Nokqing In this match, we think Thai fans might have a hard time deciding which side to support, howeverLet me tell you, no matter what team you support. Everyone will definitely enjoy the fun and excitement.

As for the other game Toray arrows which hasKai” Wimonrat Thanavan Fastball, Thailand’s new rising star will be waiting to receive your visit. GT is great The team was in strong shape and won. 2 Consecutive matches without losing a set in the first week.

And the fun continued on Sunday. 29 October time 10.00 n. Saitama Agyu Blood Fighting Team, despite my loss 2 Matches in the first week but he was able to fight and it was all dripping. 2 The appointment must be conquered and visited. PFU Blocks Which carriesIt’s the first game of the day.

At 11:00 am, come to watch the match 2 From the former champion NEC Red Rockets From the “pure” Acharaporn Kunjyot whom he will meet this time Hitachi Astimo For “Nan” Tadao Nokqing, which is an important match and very worth watching and watching.

Followed by time 12.30 n. Hisamizu Springs an agency “Yui” Chiphon is very powerful. The team was in strong shape in the first week and achieved victory. 2 The match will be open to welcome visitors Aranmar Yamagata

since thenWatch the last match, which is considered one of the most prominent events of the day right on time 13.30 n. Toray arrows toKai” and Monrat Thanavan will engage in a fierce duel with… Toyota Queensies “Toey” Hatthaya Bamrungsuk. This match will be a duel between the two fast-paced football teams of Thailand, which we can say that fans should not miss at all.

Come and join us to follow the fun of Japan Volleyball League 2023/24. We are extremely willing to encourage the Thai players together throughout the season.The TrueID on the channel True ID Sports (621) And True ID Sports 2 A true volleyball fan, don’t miss it at any cost!

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