4 Apps for New Runners – Strong Legs Download it on your mobile phone to help with exercise.

Nike Run Club

For Nike Run Club, this app is the perfect running training partner for tracking your runs. Get personalized training for your users. Take them to have fun together. This app can be used to know all the details you want, such as speed (speed per 1 km or 1 mile), location, distance, and climb. Heart rate and distance split with greater control over what you see while running

Moreover, it is easy to use to compare and measure your skills with friends or working groups. Simply mark your distance from your goal or challenge to check your rating.

In addition, the Nike app provides users with running plans. Treat yourself like a coach next to you. The map starts with your goals and health level. It is then adjusted according to the user's progress.

The highlights of this app are GPS tracking, running distance logging, a community system for tracking friends' activities, and the ability to create challenges to track distance and invite friends to join in the gameplay.

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Runtastic application This runner attracts new users with a bright and attractive app appearance. Supports almost all smartphone brands. The team is trying their best to update the features and appearance. There was a time when Runtastic updated the UI frequently. The look changed almost every time I used it.

Runtastic's back-end web system You can see it in detail. The highlight of Runtastic is the live viewing system on the website which works very well. If the user syncs it with their Facebook account, every time they press the Start button, the system will share the link to watch the live broadcast for friends to click and watch. Our direct operation.

Runtastic app for runners Attract new users with a bright, attractive app look.  Supports almost all smartphone brands.

Meanwhile, Runtastic also has many other dedicated fitness apps such as Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Pedometer, Push-Ups, and many more.

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Garmin Connect

As for Garmin Connect, it is an application specifically used to connect to Garmin brand smartwatches, and it is a suitable device for people who care about their health. He likes to exercise a lot

With this application we can easily track and access all the information. Whether the heart rate value is the number of steps taken, speed and distance traveled to burn calories

In fact, Garmin Connect could be more than just a generic app if users dig a little deeper. You will find many useful features, such as viewing the details of your activities in more detail. When you record activity on your Garmin device and sync it with Connect, you get an in-depth view of that activity. This includes fitness-related metrics such as time, distance, laps, elevation, and steps/speed. Heart rate and much more

Garmin Connect

You can also track your sleep and recovery.

Moreover Garmin Connect There are different features to track women's health. Cycle Tracking helps you record your menstrual cycle days. Help predict your next menstrual cycle. Follow any abnormal symptoms as well.

Download the app Garmin Connect Get it in Google Apps App Store

4 Apps for New Runners - Strong Legs Download it on your mobile phone to help with exercise.

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