2022 World Championships: Astros beat Phillies to win the World Championship

It’s party time, Houston!

Jordan Alvarez Swipe a three-stroke home at the bottom of the sixth inning like Houston Astros multiply the Philadelphia Phyllis4-1, claiming their second World Championship title in franchise history.

Houston start Framber Valdez Phillies only held one two-stroke run in six innings of action, while the rookie was short Jeremy Peña Added two hits en route to the title of best player in the world championship.

Here are the top plays from Game 6:

Astros 4, Phyllis 1

skin blinking

Astros shortstop Jeremy Peña He is one of the best young stars in the game today. Need a guide? Check out this play.

Oh, so close

With two outs at the bottom of the second half, Phillies shortstop Edmundo Sousa Play a golf ball to break the ball to the deep left. It looked like it was heading towards the seats, but the Houston seat Jordan Alvarez Make hunting in the warning path.

Back, back, back, gone!

Kyle Schwarber Put the Phillies on the board first because he crushed a solo house to the deep right.

Houston, we have take off!

Shortly after Schwarber gave the Phillies a 1-0 lead, it was Houston’s turn to respond. Jordan Alvarez Homer bombed three runs into a deep center to give the Astros a 3-1 lead.

Jordan Alvarez smashed a three-way home run to put the Astros ahead 3-1

Jordan Alvarez smashed a three-way home run to give the Astros a 3-1 lead over Velez.

Astros fans were energized after Alvarez took off on his home turf, including Jim “Matris Mac” McKingville, a bookmaker who took home $75 million in bank payments in Houston.

a little insurance

astros mask Christian Vasquez I went up to the board and tore one to the left, and brought Alex Bergman To score and give Houston a 4-1 lead.

Completion of the work!

Houston Ryan Presley I got Nick Castellanos To travel to the right was a celebration in Houston.

Astros defeat Phillies to win world championship

Astros defeat Phillies to win world championship

The Houston Astros became world champions for the first time since 2017, beating the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 6.

Do it for Dusty

After the final, the Astros surrounded manager Dusty Baker, jumping up and down in celebration of his first World Championship ring.

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