2022 NFL Pre-Season QB Standings: Kenny Beckett, Skylar Thompson, Top Five Shows in Week Two

Two weeks of pre-season football except in the books, which means this year’s rookie quarterbacks are one step closer to making their official debut. But how did first-year sign callers perform in their most recent show business? We are glad you asked. Here is our ranking of the five best freshman performances in QB from Week Two of the 2022 NFL Pre-season:

note the hawksDesmond Ryder, one of the best draft QBs of the year, is set to play against Planes Monday night.

statistics: 14-23, 128 yards

With the largest workload of QBs here, Mr. Irelevant of Iowa made a quiet No. 2 job bid for the 49ers against Vikings, along with a similarly effective outing from fellow supporter Nate Sudfeld. His numbers weren’t flashy, but they would have been better had it not been for three drops. At the very least, he’s proven to have the precision that Kyle Shanahan aspires to.

statistics: 7-11, 83 yards, 1 TD

The Colts may not have room for an unpolished Notre Dame producer, considering Nick Foles and Sam Ehlinger trailing Matt Ryan, but he showed a professional touch to close the game against blackto deliver a perfect touchdown pass to Samson Nacua in the last minute of the fourth quarter.

statistics: 9-10, 129 yards, 1 TD

For the second week in a row, the seventh-placed makes a case that he belongs to Miami’s roster as the third QB player, behind Tua Tagovalioa and Teddy Bridgewater. Even in the event of a heavy loss, he seemed to be awake in his pocket, standing tall especially in the event of very deep strikes. In a team other QBs are known for being conservative, this is a nice developmental quality.

statistics: 7-17, 80 yards, 1 TD, 42 yards fast

With plenty of electricity and little consistency in the throw, Willis posted a very basic Trey Lance-esque streak against pirate, but look where Lance is now: Getting started in QB for the NFC title. In truth, Willis’s start was always just about confirming the material gifts that secured his second day selection in Tennessee. He has to grow as a tempo trans to claim and hold a top job, but his easy scramble and arm angle adjustments are obvious.

statistics: 6-7, 76 yards, 1 TD

K-Dawg picked a good time to showcase some of his best, considering he’s the only QB here in a position to actually win an entry-level job. His work was very limited against Jaguar (eight shots), but it was crucial to the quick goal-scoring process that made Mike Tomlin happy after the match. Even better, he stood tall in frantic pockets, suggesting that he could withstand the transitional O-line in Pittsburgh just as, if not better, his main competitor for the job: Mitchell Trubesky.

Other notables

  • Matt Coral (leopards): The third player showed some pressure on his passing but exited early after suffering a potential injury at the end of the season, which saw his bid for a spare job at Carolina postponed indefinitely.
  • Sam Howell (leaders): While his arm talent on the field is impressive, Howell wasn’t nearly as effective as his debut, going 10 to 18 with an interception against heads On a comic day because of the Washington attack.
  • Billy Zappy (patriots): The fourth player had a lot of action after Mac Jones against the Panthers, and showed short area accuracy, but also made a poor pick in the six trying to make a short side throw.

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