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On August 11, Electric City Magazine will be hosting our fourth monthly All Citizens Meeting. During our first gathering we invited candidates for municipal Council to act as keynote listeners. The 45 or so people who came were invited to connect with one another and to share what was important to them. We invited participants to create a rendering of what they would like to read in the May 2021 edition of this magazine. The results of that piece appeared in our July edition. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it is worth doing.

To shape some continuity between our meetings, we invited participants at our last meeting to spend a little time with those stories so they could connect with the hopes of those who came before them.

It was remarkable to see the smiles on people’s faces as they read, in one place, at the same time, in the same paper, the future they and fellow community members cast for this community. At that same meeting we floated a Citizens’ Manifesto to propose an approach to a citizen-led democracy.

In the meantime, we’ve added some new goodies to our mix. For about a month now we have been publishing a new story online every Tuesday and Thursday. We’ve initiated an amazing online series on the Future of Peterborough. That series is running while we are hosting our All Citizens Meetings. Jumping into all was intentional. We figured municipal election time is a great time for us all as community members to be considering what we want for our community. So, we’ve been engaging community members through the stories we are publishing and through our monthly gatherings, to which everyone is welcome.

We’ve also watched as hundreds of people have enthusiastically joined our mailing list to electronically receive our new Electric City Weekly. That attractive email digest links to our latest online stories, shares invites to our gatherings, sometimes links to cool but relevant articles from away, and points to upcoming arts and culture events for the coming week.

We are doing our part to cultivate a City that Listens. Our idea is that, by hosting community conversations and making generative media about the awesome Peterborough we know and love, that we will cultivate more of the same.

Our twice weekly online stories, Electric City Weekly, the monthly print magazine, and the once a month All Citizens’ Meetings are as much as we can do. We figure these offerings to be our minimum viable product for making a difference and creating something that is fun for you to be involved with.

Our intention is to build our small organization into a leading one. We would like to be part of leading the way to a more resilient and thriving Peterborough, one in which every community member feels welcomed and included, one in which everyone’s gifts and unique talents are encouraged. The way we can contribute to that is to keep digging for the leading-edge stories of people who are cutting a new path in arts and community work. We can also continue to foster understanding and dialogue by continuing to host gatherings.

We would like your support and participation. If you enjoy reading our online or in print stories, please support the work by becoming a patron. If you can see the value in the way we are engaging community members in shaping the city and connecting them to one another through our gatherings, please support the work by becoming a patron. Visit patreon.com/electriccity to sign up.

Once we reach sustainability, we will add more stories, deeper dialogue, perhaps barbecues and concerts. Then the party will really get started.

In the meantime, we hope to see you out at one of our events soon.

Photo by Amber Pula.


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