Letters: March 2018

Deep Gratitude

Re: “On Reconciliation

[letter edited for space]

Deep thanks for your many great articles.

Education and sharing information to inspire new choices and new actions for our collective humanity are needed for these times. We cannot change unless we can see what it is we need to see in order to change. Your work to educate and inform is deeply needed to bring light to our darkness and not knowing who we are as a Nation. We cannot change the past but we can sure change the future by all of us walking together and working together to inspire new polices and new ways of structures being created to meet the deep needs of all women and children and men to create lives with meaning and purpose in peace, hope, and justice for all.

I hope many will rise up in a movement to walk as One with all peoples on Earth to join your voice for letting go of any forms that support genocide of an kind and all of us continue to grow and change because of your passion to educate us and tell us the truth of our present ways of governance that continue to affect our original peoples. We are all response able now to speak up and walk as One Universal Family linking minds and hearts we are all called. Deep Meegwetch, and Gratitude for all you are and do.

Judith Matheson

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