20 questions you should know before buying Alan Wake 2

It’s getting closer and closer to the release of Alan Wake 2, the sequel that fans have been waiting for 13 years since the first game.

And with mystery and complexity as well as a sequel. I think a lot of people probably have quite a few questions. What exactly is this game? On this occasion, we have collected frequently asked questions and answers about Alan Wake 2 in this article, all in one place.

1. What kind of game is Alan Wake 2?

It’s a kind of survival horror. Third person perspective, which was originally in the first part there will be a game. An action adventure that contains horror elements as a main element

So it is a change in direction that will make the gameplay of Part 2 more powerful, and at the same time, this is also the first Survival Horror game from the Remedy Entertainment team.

2. What is the story of Alan Wake?

This game is named after the hero Alan Wake, a writer who accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious story. When he writes the new novel it was a real event and Alan had to survive all kinds of horrors. Having a flashlight in your hand is your true friend.

As for the story of the second game, its events will take place 13 years after the first part, which is exactly the same time as in the real world, and in this part Alan Wake is still stuck in a dimension called “The Dark Place” and trying to write a new novel. To change reality and find a way to escape

In the second part, the main screenwriter, Mr. Sam Lake, revealed that the story will contain horror and investigation elements. It is inspired by many famous series and movies such as True Detective, Silence of the Lambs, Twin Peaks, Fargo, Se7en, Taxi Driver, Inception, Hereditary, Midsommar and Memento.

3. What’s the gameplay like in Alan Wake?

The first game will feature a mix of storytelling, battle scenes, and puzzle solving.

The game’s enemies resemble zombies that come from humans possessed by darkness. Which the firearm will not fire. Until they are exposed to light, Alan Wake has to carry a flashlight as a shield-breaking weapon. Then use the gun to subdue them.

Sometimes, things are haunted by darkness and turn into evil ghosts, and if they are exposed to light for a while, they will disappear. No need to use gun to shoot again.

The part of solving the puzzle often involves finding a way forward. Open the system there. Open the door here. And get to the destination Alan Wake wanted.

As for the game, the second part of the show was released. The essence of the battle will remain the same. But the player will fight fewer enemies. And more dangerous Focus on building scenes. With a novel atmosphere and there is also resource management, similar to Survival Horror games.

4. What is the highlight of the Alan Wake game?

is playing with this concept of “light and dark” For example, the hellish place Alan Wake is stuck in is called the Dark Place, and the only way he can survive is to stay alive. It is to be in a place where there is light

Therefore, the lighting in the game makes players feel safe. And simple equipment such as torches or a flash grenade has become an extremely powerful weapon.

The treatment team provided lots of ideas. Allow players to apply light sources around them using common sense of light and shadow. Come to help solve puzzles or fight. So it’s fun. Unique and unparalleled

Another highlight of Alan Wake is A story that makes you feel like you are watching a soap opera. It is divided into several episodes, and each episode may end unexpectedly. Waiting for us to continue watching, when we press play, the next episode will have the same content as the previous episode for you to watch in a wonderful way.

Additionally, Live Action scenes have also been added to the mix. Which is what we often see on TV in the game, with Sam Lake admitting that he really likes telling stories using Live Action because it feels very close to the real world, so in Part 2 we will definitely see techniques like this again.

5. Who will play in Alan Wake 2?

In Part 2, moreover Alan Wake Same person, then we will play another hero. “Saga Anderson” also

Anderson is an FBI agent who gets involved in the mystery of Alan Wake while playing this character. The game will have a more detective style.

This part of the story will be told through the two protagonists’ points of view, which we can switch with our own. You can play as anyone first. There is no right or wrong way. However, it is an important point where certain conditions must be made clear to the other person first.

6. What games should I play first?

I’ve just played my first Alan Wake game.This is more than enough.

part The two DLCs are called “The Signal” and “The Writer.” The story will continue from the main story a little. Ready to set the stage for the sequel, which if you have time left over, you can collect all of it. Each DLC is only about one episode long from the main game.

We recommend playing the “Alan Wake Remastered” version to get the main game and DLC complete with better graphics than before.

Or anyone who wants a short and funny request can play through Fortnite as well (download to play for free) by entering the map called “Alan Wake: Flashback” (island code: 3426-5561-3374) with a play time of approximately 20 – 30 minutes, But this map will only focus on summarizing the story. There are no battle scenes, and the models and locations are exact replicas of Fortnite.

7. Should I have played Alan Wake’s American Nightmare before?

not necessary American Nightmare is an episodic game set in a town called “Night Springs”, a parody of Bright Falls in the main Alan Wake game.

American Nightmare takes place as part of a novel written by Alan Wake to overcome his dark side. Meanwhile he was still stuck in a nightmare.

In terms of gameplay, it will be more intense. There is a wider variety of weapons and enemies than in the main game.

8. Is Alan Wake related to Control?

Related because they are in the same universe It’s called the “Connected Therapy World.”

Control’s story takes place within the FBC, which learns of Alan Wake’s situation and investigates. The main game doesn’t directly talk about Alan Wake, but there are quite a few documents that tell the story of the events after the end of the first Alan Wake game.

As for the Control expansion, “Altered World Events”, it is directly related to Alan Wake.

The name Altered World Event refers to a supernatural event that occurred in a limited space and time. Alan Wake’s first story is one of the world-changing events that is still ongoing.

As for Mr. Sam Lake, it has been confirmed.Ahti, Control’s chief janitor, will play a major role in Alan Wake 2.

In addition to the story, it seems that the Remedy team also captured the most prominent features of Control and used them in Alan Wake 2 as well, including the use of stunning lighting and shadows, the use of advanced ray tracing, and special effects. He is the shadow of the person on the scene. We also secretly saw that in the trailer for Alan Wake 2.

9. Can new players start playing Alan Wake 2?

If you’ve never played Alan Wake before and want to start with Part 2. It can be done. Because the treatment team said that Alan Wake 2 is a game that is set to offer it as a “stand-alone experience” and new players can enjoy the events without having to pick up any knowledge from the previous games.

The other protagonist, “Saga Anderson”, is like a representative of a new player. Learn with us about the world of Remedy Connected Universe.

10. What new systems are there in Alan Wake 2?

In addition to being a survival horror as a whole, The new system that was revealed before it went on sale is “Mind Place.” In other words, Saga Anderson’s private room, which is used to analyze the evidence collected. Connect clues to solve different puzzles in the story

Another new system in play isShadow hallucination Which are spread throughout the landscape and we do not know in which shadows the enemy lurks. It makes you feel paranoid the whole time you have to pass.

11. How many hours does it take to finish playing Alan Wake 2?

Mr. Sam Lake revealed that he will do soIt takes at least 20 hours. To clear the story is the longest game the treatment team has ever played.

  • Players who like to consume stories and storytelling techniques don’t focus on action scenes where multiple enemies come at the same time.
  • I want a fun experience to play and finish in one lap. I didn’t expect the endgame content
  • Play horror games fairly well. Because it seems that the demons in the second game will have more terrifying forms. In addition, the atmosphere in the game is dark and oppressive but if it is based on the first part fortunately, the game does not have many jump scares, there are only jump scares that occur naturally in the gameplay.
  • I love games that use beautiful lighting and shadow techniques that pop in contrast. Want to play games in HDR mode with clear, satisfying images?

13. When is Alan Wake 2 released?

On sale October 27, 2023 11:00 am Thailand time

14. Where can I buy Alan Wake 2 and how much does it cost?

Alan Wake 2 is available for sale on three platforms: PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series

By Ali PC will be sold through the Epic Games Store. At the price 1250 baht :

PlayStation 5 Selling at a price 1,499 baht :

And Xbox Series X|S Sold at a price in the Thai region 2099 baht :

15. Is Alan Wake 2 available for sale?

I dont have The game will be sold digitally only. There are no plans to produce discs for the console version.

Which is sold digitally only, which is not considered strange in this era. It also reduces costs and this allows the team to sell games at cheap prices as well.

16. Does Alan Wake 2 have Thai language?

Thai language is not supported (And it’s unlikely to be supported in the future) If you’re playing on PC, we’ll have to wait and see if any modders pick it up and make adjustments to the Thai translation.

There definitely is The team confirmed that there will be a free post-launch DLC update and two additional paid DLC expansions: “Night Springs” (same name as the setting for American Nightmare) and “Lake House”.

Anyone who purchases the Deluxe Edition of the game will be able to download both expansions to play when the time comes. Without having to spend extra money

18. Does this game consume a lot of PC specifications?

Eat a lot! The minimum specification for this game is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX 6600 graphics card, which can run the game at Full HD resolution, low settings, and only 30 FPS.

With a graphics card like this but only got the minimum specs plus you still have to turn on DLSS or FSR2 to help, so it’s considered a tough spec. And it’s as scary as the game’s theme.

For other specifications, see more here.

However, the remediation team revealed that they developed the game based on 30 FPS and believed that players relied too much on frame rate and resolution.

19. Can Alan Wake 2 be played at 60fps on consoles?

Yes, if you’re playing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series There will be a performance mode (60fps) to choose from, but the team says it’s difficult to run 60fps consistently, so we’ll have to wait and see again. What will the actual performance be like on console?

The Xbox Series S can only play at 30 frames per second. The reason is that the Series S GPU has less memory. This is a problem with making games on this device.

20. Is the hero of Alan Wake 2 John Wick?

no ! It’s the same Alan Wake, plus the story is set 13 years later. His appearance has changed a lot as you can see. And wear a suit of the same color.

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