18 miners trapped underground in China


China18 miners trapped underground in Xinjiang

A gold mine in northwest China collapsed on Saturday afternoon. Of the 40 people who were underground at the time of the accident, 22 were rescued. Operations are ongoing.

In 2021, several accidents occurred in Chinese mines, in January, in Shandong province.


Relief was mobilized Sunday to help 18 people trapped underground after a gold mine collapsed in northwest China’s Xinjiang region, official media reported. The incident took place at 1:40pm (6:40am in Switzerland) on Saturday in Yining Canton in the Kazakh autonomous province of Illi, Xinhua news agency reported. The region is located about a hundred kilometers from Kazakhstan.

A total of 40 people were working underground at the time of the incident. Twenty-two miners were brought to the surface, but 18 remained trapped. “Remedial measures are underway,” China News said on Saturday evening.

Safety is sometimes overlooked

Mining safety in China has improved in recent decades, as has media coverage of these incidents, many of which were once overlooked. However, accidents occur regularly due to the inherent danger in this industry and the sometimes inconsistent application of safety instructions.

In December 2021, two miners died and 20 others were rescued after being trapped in a flooded coal mine in Shaanxi, northern China. In September of the same year, 19 miners were found dead after a long search after a coal mine collapsed in the northwestern province of Qinghai.

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