16 new emojis ready to go in the full iOS 17.4 update: PPTVHD36

Open a list of 16 new emojis that Apple is preparing to open for use in the full iOS 17.4 update after finding that they are already available for use in the iOS 17.4 beta, which is expected to be updated during the months of March and April.

After Apple released the full update to iOS 17.3 last week. There are rumors that Apple is preparing to release the iOS 17.4 update during March and April, or just another 2-3 months. Many parties are anticipating new features. Which has been prepared in this next update

In addition to the different features, one interesting thing in addition, already evident in the iOS 17.4 update, beta (beta), is the presence of a new emoji with 16 different formats.

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Emojipedia, a website specialized in collecting emoji news, revealed that Apple is preparing to introduce 16 new emojis in the iOS 17.4 update, including faces, people, and families, as follows.

  • Head shake
  • Head nods
  • Phoenix
  • Green lime (lime)
  • Brown mushroom
  • Broken chain
  • Family of 3: adult, adult, child
  • Family of 3 people: adult, child, toddler
  • A family of two people: an adult and a child
  • Family of 4: adult, adult, child, child
  • People are walking
  • People are running
  • Someone kneeling
  • Man walking holding a white cane
  • Wheelchair pusher
  • A person sitting in an electric wheelchair

Emojipedia confirms that all of these emojis are already in the iOS 17.4 beta update, which will continue until Apple releases the actual update. There may be changes, whether increased or decreased. Different types of emojis can be used, which we will have to wait and see during the iOS 17.4 update, which is expected to be updated during the next March and April.

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