150 garment factories have been closed in Bangladesh with tens of thousands of workers joining the mob.

AFP news agency reports from Dhaka Bangladesh has 3,500 garment factories, accounting for about 85% of the country’s exports of about 55 billion taka annually (about 2 trillion baht), with global leading clothing brands such as Levi’s, Zara and H&M, she said on November 12. .

But last month, employees of several factories organized violent protests. To demand an increase in the minimum wage, the incident led to the killing of at least three workers and the looting of more than 70 factories. Or damaged since then

This came despite a Dhaka government-appointed committee increasing the salary by 56.25% to 12,500 taka per month (about 4,140 baht) on Tuesday. But the workers group rejected the above-mentioned proposal. He called for increasing the minimum wage to 23,000 taka per month (about 7,600 baht).

“Police have filed anonymous charges against 11,000 people from the attack and seizure of the Tosuka Garment Factory,” police inspector Musharraf Hussain said last Thursday.

Moreover, the Bangladeshi police also said that 150 factories were closed in major industrial cities such as Azulia. And the city of Ghazipur, which is located north of Dhaka, because many manufacturers fear that there will be another strike.

Protests over the minimum wage have been taking place over the past two weeks. This is the worst protest in more than 10 years in Bangladesh. While Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the leader of Bangladesh, refused to increase workers’ wages while warning that violent protests could lead to job losses.

However, Bangladeshi trade unions continued to organize protests. The committee’s decisions ignore giving reason why such an increase in the minimum wage is not compatible with the costs of food, housing rent, medical expenses, and children’s school fees, which have risen at the present time.

Image source: Agence France-Presse

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