15-year-old boy stabs 'bishop' in a Sydney church during a live sermon The clergy rose up until a riot broke out.

15-year-old boy stabs 'bishop' in Sydney church during live sermon There were several injured. The clergy rose up until riots broke out.

An attacker used a sharp object to attack a bishop and others who tried to stop him at Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, Sydney, last week, Monday evening, April 15, 2024, local time. During the celebration of Mass and the live broadcast of the ceremony via the website

Images from the live video shows that a man dressed in black approached the bishop who was giving a sermon. Before he was attacked with a weapon at this time, it is still unclear what it was. Before others try to stop the accident. Amidst the screaming

Police said no one was seriously injured. Bishop Mar (53 years old) was injured in the head, and a 39-year-old man was injured in the shoulder after trying to intervene in the attack. There were also reports of 3-4 other injuries.

Later, hundreds of people gathered to protest in front of the church. Demanding the authorities to uncover the perpetrator. This led to clashes between the two sides and the throwing of bricks. Concrete slabs to attack the police and some police officers were injured and taken to hospital. Meanwhile, 20 police vehicles were damaged and 10 of them were rendered inoperable. A number of police officers were injured. The police car was damaged. and stolen property

Meanwhile, a 15-year-old child has been arrested as a suspect in the incident. He had to receive treatment for a hand injury. Before they were detained in an unknown location for safety

Later in the morning on April 16, New South Wales Police announced that the young man's actions were considered “terrorist” and New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb said that a task force had been formed to investigate the incident.

There is a name for the bishop who was attacked Mar Mary Emmanuel He was ordained into Assyrian Christianity in 2014 and is highly respected. Through his preaching, his audience reaches millions on social media, and in 2021 Bishop Saint Mary became one of the most prominent opponents of austerity measures. To control the spread of the Corona virus, she compared Australia's lockdown to the slavery system. They said the vaccine is useless

A few days ago Sydney recently faced an incident where a man with a knife stabbed someone at Westfield Shopping Centre. In the Bondi Junction area, which resulted in 6 deaths and dozens of injuries. The criminal was killed extrajudicially by the police. From the investigation so far there is no indication yet of such an attack. Is there any connection to recent events?

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