15 worst places to own a home if you want to increase its value

Where you live can significantly affect the long-term value of your home, according to another Smart Asset Study.

SmartAsset examined home prices dating back to 1997 across 400 metropolitan areas in the United States and ranked each based on home value growth and price stability, which is the probability that a home will see a price drop of 5% or more at any time in 10 years after buy them.

While major markets such as Austin, Texas, have seen home price growth of 384% since 1997, the value of homes in only 15 of the lowest-ranking markets by value has increased an average of 84% in that time.

The lowest-rated markets tend to be in the so-called rust belt states: former manufacturing centers that experienced long-term industrial declines. These include Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

While past performance is no guarantee of future results, the study does provide some insight into the desirability of a particular market over time.

Homes provide utility, not just value

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