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The Emergence of Mary-Kate Edwards

It’s summer in Peterborough, and Mary-Kate Edwards is in the middle of writing a concept album about queer love in catastrophic times. She’s not sure all of the songs will make it on to the album—“I’m a big thrower outer,” she says, “I know the first time I play a song live if I want […]

5 Questions: Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Sainte Marie joined the cast of Sesame Street in the 1970s in order to let children know that “Indians still exist.” Now Buffy is less alone in the public eye as an Indigenous artist. She collaborates with younger musicians and won a Polaris Music Prize for Power in the Blood in 2015, fifty years […]

Album Review: Brandon Munro – Armgods

Brandon Munro has been a drummer in lots of bands, notably Tin Vespers and Candle Cave Ensemble in the past, and Nick Ferrio and Ptarmigan currently. (Full disclosure: Brandon and I have played together on occasion, including once in my own band.) He’s very good, but he’s not as well known as a recording artist […]

Album Review: The Photogenics – The Photogenics

If you were going to select a manifesto from among the songs on the Photogenics’ self-titled album, it would surely be “Count on Me.” There’s an admirable refusal to quit in everything the band does, from Doug Kennedy’s thin, Dylanesque voice, always struggling after the same high note that’s just outside his range, to Colin […]


It was another rainy day this spring, and my partner was at work, so I put the dog in the car and drove over to the city’s only official off-leash dog park, in Farmcrest Park across from Beavermead, just north of Lansdowne and Ashburnham. I say park, but it’s really more of an enclosure. Roughly […]

5 Questions: Joyful Joyful

It’s technically possible that there is another noise-gospel band somewhere in the world, but in all probability Joyful Joyful is unique. A product of the artier end of the Peterborough music scene but now Toronto-based, they are a duo: Cormac Culkeen, who grew up in Peterborough, and Dave Grenon, who lived here for a few […]

Album Review: Fathers of Modern Rocketry – The Fathers

This album by four East City boys now based in the nation’s capital starts off somewhat uncharacteristically with what Greil Marcus called a yarrrrragh: a vocal eruption of intense feeling but unpredictable power. A yarrrrragh is a wonderful thing existentially, but great artists have struggled to establish control over it. After the opening track, things […]

The Sad Reality of Basic Income in Ontario

{Power/Lines] In the crass lead-up to an election, governments will roll out freebies to people who might be thinking of voting them out. The Ontario government, under Kathleen Wynne’s leadership, has alienated voters with high electricity bills which, in places where homes are heated with electricity and the hydro bill is not included in rent, […]

Album Review: Charlotte Moore – Long Road Back

Long Road Back is truly a singer-songwriter album, with a distinctly 70s Southern California air about it. The songs, co-written by Moore and Peterborough’s Dianne Latchford, place thoughtful, literate lyrics in musical settings that are pretty varied but energetic. There’s a lovely, light, shimmering chorus on “Today I’ll Let It Go,” nice jazzy chords on […]

A Place in the Sun: Musicians’ Memories of the Festival Circuit

A great festival is often as magical and memorable for the performers as it is for the audience. Accustomed to playing dingy, damp barrooms, with only the pastiest of devoted scenesters in attendance, musicians find the open-air venues, diverse crowds, and generous hospitality of a big festival a pleasant change, if a little disorienting. No […]