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Album Review: Olias – Fed to the Sky

The meditative, atmospheric music of Olias is made by Wes Grist, who was one third of the much-mourned oddball trio Hello Babies. He really shows his breadth in this project, serving up long synth instrumentals that seem to tell interesting stories, like the erratic pulses that bubble up from very long tones in “It’s Watching […]

A Thousand People

A thousand people participated in the events of Solidarity Weekend on September 30, when a planned white supremacist rally was transformed, via the alchemy of the popular imagination, into a powerful expression of community solidarity. That’s the big story. A hundred smaller dramas played out that day, some under the fetishistic gaze of the news […]

Goodbye to The Spill

Word travelled fast on Wednesday, October 18 that the Spill was closing that night. People abandoned weeknight plans and crowded the place – somewhat ironically, given that fines for being over capacity were a regular financial strain for the venue. Losing the Spill is about losing an old friend but, more vividly, it’s about losing […]

Album Review: Prime Junk – Ladybird

Prime Junk’s anguished yet catchy pop songs are on full display on this new EP, recorded by Nick Ferrio and Sun Rarara’s Dan Jacobs. Nat’s taunting, almost bratty vocal delivery remains, but what is immediately noticeable is that the noisy sludge that underpinned their music, both on Sunnyvale, their previous record, and on stage, is […]

The Half-Life of Canadian General Electric

Everybody in Peterborough knows all about General Electric, the sprawling industrial complex between Park and Monaghan, and Albert and Wolfe, in the shadow of the High Street water tower, roughly at the boundary of the city’s south end, that was for many years the city’s most iconic and biggest employer. Two sad stories have dominated […]

Income Tax and Canadian Identity

{Power/Lines] The 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation passed pretty painlessly, with surprisingly little ranting and raving, and with little to show for it overall. The fact that a tipi erected by Indigenous activists on Parliament Hill, amid a characteristically violent RCMP response, so easily upstaged the official festivities was both a bit sad for those […]

Transmissions: Lights Out at GE

[Transmis/sions} It’s always tragic when hundreds of people lose their jobs, especially if they’re unlikely to get another job, and if they support dependents, and if losing their job also means losing benefits they were entitled to as employees, and which they would benefit from as unemployed people. The announcement that General Electric is closing […]

The Wealthy Banker’s Kid

The Ontario government’s announcement last winter that students below a certain family income threshold would be admitted to college or university for free was greeted with stunned glee by progressive people on the internet. It turns out the reality was more complicated than the spin suggested. The full story is that tuition is scheduled to […]

Album Review: ELMS – Integrity

In John Constable’s 19th century paintings of elms, deciduous trees now infested with Dutch elm disease and mostly dead or dying, they look proud but also somewhat moody—somewhere between an oak and a willow, if that helps. It’s likely that Alex Unger was thinking of both the melancholy beauty and the undercurrent of doomed disease […]

Album Review: Garbageface – 7HR33 51X M1X74P3

It feels like just a couple of weeks ago that we reviewed a new Garbageface album. (I looked it up: it was in March.) Like an old jazz guy in the 50s, Garbageface now releases enough material to track how his vision is changing on a six-month basis. And what a change it is. Gone […]