Album Review: Hurricane Charlie – Maelstrom Boogie

Hurricane Charlie
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“There ain’t no heaven, ain’t no burnin’ hell.” These lyrics, part of a particularly nihilistic cover of Johnny Lee Hooker’s “Burnin’ Hell,” served as the centrepiece of Hurricane Charlie’s latest album, and have never felt so true as they do coming haggard and hard-won out of “Dirty” Pat Walsh.

Hurricane-Charlie---Maelstrom-Boogie---CopyHurricane Charlie, the collaboration of Walsh on vocals and a relentless assault on distorted electric guitar and Jill Staveley (Steelburner) forever egging him on on drums, recorded this album live in a breathless set at the Spill, and it has an unmistakably live energy—intense, heavy, often beautifully imperfect.

he album includes a mix of blues-garage covers (The Oblivians, Henry Rollins, Willie Dixon) and originals in roughly equal proportion. The originals stand easily among their better-known counterparts, particularly the morbid death-and-sex opener “Death Rattle/Damage Baby” and the heavy blues stomp of “It’s Gonna Bleed.” This is a great album to dance around on your own grave to.

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Hurricane Charlie’s Maelstrom Boogie is available for purchase on Bandcamp.


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Gabe Pollock

Gabe Pollock

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