Bandwagon: Electric Six perform “(Be My) Skin Caboose”

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Bandwagon, the local video series featuring intimate performances from excellent bands, is back for its sixth season. Today, Bandwagon meets up with Electric Six for a performance of “(Be My) Skin Caboose.”

Electric SixThere’s not much out there like the music of Electric Six—a particularly skeezy brand of hypermasculine glam-punk; manic, danceable, and completely off-the-wall. Frontman Dick Valentine scream-sings his lyrics with a psychotic carnival barker intensity, and he’s backed up by a surreal and strutting mix of synth pop, punk, dance music, and arena rock. Valentine himself has said that “90 percent of our songs, maybe even higher than 90 percent” are “about absolutely nothing.”

The band, which has been around in various forms since 1996, had their biggest success with their 2003 debut album Fire, which gifted the world the manic anthems “Danger! High Voltage” and “Gay Bar.” They now have a dozen albums to their name, most recently 2016’s Fresh Blood for Tired Vampyres. “Electric Six knows all about eternal life,” says their bio. “Electric Six has been around forever & it can never die. That’s lovely, but it’s also very tiring.” It’s an album that proves that “the sexiest vampires are urban vampires,” adding hip-hop into their strange mix of influences.

Electric Six were in Peterborough for a show at the Red Dog a little while ago, and before their set, they caught up with the Bandwagon folks for a Soundcheck Session.

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Electric Six’s Fresh Blood for Tired Vampyres is available for purchase on iTunes.

Watch for upcoming episodes of Bandwagon premiering on Electric City Magazine. Check out previous episodes on Bandwagon’s YouTube channel.


Images courtesy Mexican Cheesus Productions and Electric Six.

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Gabe Pollock

Gabe Pollock

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