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When will NCIS Hawaii Season 2 premiere on CBS?

We are waiting with bated breath for Jane Tennant and her amazing NCIS: Hawaii team to reveal their next game-changing innovation. The wait isn’t long – the show will be back on CBS in September.

There was bad news for the NCIS: Hawaii fans on CBS’s summer schedule. The series is currently in its summer break, so there are going to be a lot of wait times before new episodes air.

We know new episodes for NCIS: Hawaii are coming. The show was renewed by CBS for next year. We are just waiting for more information about the return date.

When will NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 premiere on CBS?

Finally, there is some good news about the summer break. The CBS announced their fall schedule, where Hawaii Five-O’s show will be back on Monday nights at 10 p.m. after new episodes of their flagship series airing.

Until we have an exact release date for the show, we can’t say what date will be the premiere date. We’ll have to wait for CBS to announce their release date. The earliest we can expect a release date is June, but we’re looking at August as a month.

CBS has set a premiere date for this show. However, we are not entirely sure of the date because it’s a fall show and falls have been known to be delayed. We are looking at Monday, September 26th as a possible time frame, with other months on the table depending on filming schedules.

What Will Happen in Ncis Hawaii Season 2?


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The primary idea of NCIS is a crime procedural, as we all know. The program has a devoted fan base because of its strong characters, who emotionally connect with viewers and the evolution of their relationships through time.

We are also likely to see how Jane manages mother’s life and her career. Bloom’s motivation for migrating from Washington, D.C. to Hawaii may be revealed in NCIS Hawai Season 2. There may be a terrible past or something along those lines (perhaps Jesse had experienced something disturbing while he was with his family). We’d probably also learn what being with Jesse’s family meant to him.

There has been rumours of a stunt pool in the water with a professional stunt team. Mills expressed interest in seeing crossovers across the NCIS universes. Mills also stated that combining the NCIS universes would make sense and make story sense because CBS and Paramount movies have much different storylines. Mills wants to appear as a guest star on another series, such as NCIS: Los Angeles.

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