Latest updates on the upcoming Chicago Med season 8

Due to the cliffhanger finale, “Chicago Med” fans are very anxious for news of a Season 8 premiere date.

TV bloggers Matt & Jess Carter say it will take until later this summer to receive full confirmation on the latest schedule release date. However, NBC has used this announcement pattern in the past. The show “Chicago Med” and the other “One Chicago” shows typically premiere on a Wednesday in mid-September.

Networks like to announce premiere dates one to two months before the show is actually scheduled to air. By announcing a date beforehand, networks are able to finalize production details and ensure that the first few episodes will be ready for post-production. The worst thing networks can do is announce a premiere date and then later not be ready, which may result in some low-quality content.

It may be a few weeks until we have the exact date of the “Chicago Med” Season 7 finale. However, I don’t think we will forget to mark our calendars in anticipation of this event.

What we can expect from Season 8 of Chicago Med

At the end of Season 7, Drs. Will Halstead and Dylan Scott were trapped in a burning apartment building trying to help their friend Jo, an undercover cop. A criminal Jo was trying to arrest attacked them and Scott fought off her attacker.

When Scott found out the gunman had been shot, he couldn’t leave him to die in the fire and started treating him. Scott told his wife to leave just as Halstead ran back in. Soon the two doctors became trapped in the burning building.

Many “Chicago Med” fan believe that the last episode of season seven is the perfect set up for an “One Chicago” crossover event. The presence of the gunman is a hint on how “Chicago P.D.” can get involved and how the fire, obviously, could bring in Station 51 and the “Chicago Fire” crew. Perhaps the first episode of season seven will be a crossover and perhaps not. Regardless, it’s sure to come at one point or another this upcoming season.

Why did Manning leave Chicago Med?

A tough loss, Dr. Natalie Manning, was introduced in the opening episode of season 7 for Chicago Med to highlight how even prominent characters can have an impact on young patients. It was also one of the central relationships in the show that lead to an eventual romance with Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss).

The lead character of the TV show  Dr. Beth Manning was written out of the story at the top of season 7, but her exit was ordained throughout the previous season. Torrey DeVitto on Instagram even confirmed that it was, at the end of the day, her decision to leave.

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