Everything you need to know about upcoming Animal Kingdom Season 6

TNT is airing the final season of Animal Kingdom this Sunday, June 19, 2022, at 9 pm ET/PT. TNT ordered the sixth and final season of the American crime drama TV series based on the 2010 Australian film in January 2021. The cancellation was announced in February 2019; this Saturday night airing will be the sixth and final episode.

With Shawn, Finn, Ben and Jake reprising their parts in the show’s final season, there will be a lot of old timers returning to help kick off the entire Cody clan.

In June of 2022, Animal Kingdom Season 6 will have a two-episode premiere with the episode title “1992” and “Rise.” The season picks up shortly after the events of the Season 5 finale, and sheds light on some old events from the character’s pasts.

They can stream the final season on TNT or watch it on Amazon Prime Video starting this month. After a long wait, this explosive final season can finally be seen by viewers and fans of the show on TV as well as digital platforms.

What is going to happen in Animal Kingdom season 6?

There is absolutely one. TNT released the official trailer for the final season on June 2, 2022, on their YouTube channel. They also confirmed the release date at the same time.The trailer offers a glimpse into how the season is expected to unfold and it looks continuously packed with drama and action.

The trailer shows the Coddys allying with the police to follow a different direction, and it also reveals two new returns in season 8. Denis Leary returns as Deran’s layabout father along with Scott Speedman (of Grey’s Anatomy fame) as the late Baz.

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The show ends on a shocking twist. Detective Thompson’s (Moran Atias) efforts lead to Pope confessing to killing his wife and getting arrested. The end of Season 5 revealed what was expected to be the DEA Agent’s body was actually Baz’s wife, Catherine’s body.

Episode 360 reveals the darker, unhinged tone of the season by including a toast to “may we all get what we want and never what we deserve” as seen in the final trailer.

The upcoming Season 6 of Animal Kingdom talks about how Steve Duffey’s and James Cromwell’s characters are entangled in a criminal investigation that could take down their entire family and business.

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