Tiger Woods on the track at the PGA Championship

Tiger Woods returned to a major championship on Thursday, and after a good start, things are starting to go in the right direction.

Playing on a star-studded ensemble with Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy, Woods finished four times in the PGA Championship. McIlroy was the club’s early captain at the age of five.

While playing at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he won the 2007 PGA Championship, Woods initially showed some visible signs of the severe leg injuries he sustained in a car accident in February 2021. Towards the end of his first nine holes, he appeared to be starting to limp. A little more.

And even though he fell into two at first, his second nine performance was poor.

Was Woods He returned to the specializations in the master’s last month after missing more than 500 days of first-class golf after crashing. His inaugural one-level run made echoes of the past, but he struggled the rest of the way, making the cut but finishing 47th. In that tournament, he was limping and seemed to struggle to fully bend to line up in the hitting rows.

Woods started on the 10th hole on Thursday, smashing it with a 3-foot hit after a flawless chip. He also divided the fourteenth into fifteen tails. But he found the rough bunker and bunker at 15 and was unable to get up and down, regressing to one under him.

On the 18th of the tricky hole, he found a green bunker next to a weak iron bullet and missed his shot 20 feet to get back to level.

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This started a poor stretch, and made two more steals, in #1 — the culprit was shooting the rough plank behind a tree — and in second, hitting a long shot from the sidelines 10 feet away and missing a comeback.

Woods responded by hitting a birdie on a No. 3, hitting a 10-foot-plus hit that made his big show come off. But he brought back that right-back with a poorly concealed shot on No. 4, which flipped over the green. He ended up with another ghost.

He dropped another hit at 8, found a bunker on the hard level 3, then fired the next shot just too far out of the hole and failed to make the long hit back.

On the ninth day, he seemed to be lucky when his top shot off a tree and fell into the driveway. But his second shot flew over the green, missed the chip and never made it to the green. Two more shots, and he had another bogey.

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