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Peterborough’s Natural Heritage System

In my years living in Peterborough, I’ve heard plenty of stories from people who are surprised to see wildlife in the heart of our city. Stories including red-tailed foxes on George Street North, coyotes on the golf courses, or deer on the playgrounds. It is truly a gift that we live in a community blessed […]

Democracy Talks

Income is a key factor in determining whether people participate in elections. The unemployed, of which Peterborough has more than its fair share, are significantly less likely to vote according to Statistics Canada. Likewise, renters are less likely to vote than homeowners. This means that the folks who have the greatest interest in moving the […]

Point/Counterpoint: Basic Income

A guaranteed living wage for everyone—that’s the heady promise of basic income. The idea has been bandied about by economists and poverty advocates for decades as a way to reduce poverty and simplify the morass of government social services. But the idea has been gaining traction in recent years, particularly as more and more people […]

Peterborough Pollinators: Inviting the Bees Back

{Local/Currents] As spring arrives in Peterborough, the bees emerge for another season of pollination. For some of those bees, finding food and pollinating plants may be a little easier this year, thanks to the work of the Peterborough Pollinators, a citizen-led group dedicated to making the city more pollinator-friendly. Over the last few years the […]

Leaders in Their Own Change

This is a story of sexual abuse and misogyny. It includes direct references to abusive language, and should be read with care by everyone who decides to read it, but especially by people for whom stories of abuse and misogyny are freighted with the trauma of personal memory. It’s also a story about young men […]

Myles Conner: A Different Kind of Investing

Myles Conner remembers the day a “JA Lady” (Junior Achievement) came to visit his classroom. She explained that democracy and the free market meant people could choose whatever they wanted to buy, and that communism meant having no choices. Myles knew differently. “I was told that there’s another way,” he says, “and I was the […]

A Travesty of Love

{The Body/Politic] As described by my daughter-in-law, I am an elderly person of extremely advanced age. Quite an accomplishment! Translation: I am a woman in the avant-garde of living. By now I’ve had more experiences than there’s time to put into words. But one set of experiences must be shared because it’s relevant to experiences […]

On Reconciliation

As an Algonquin Anishinaabe-kwe I live and feel Canada’s genocide every day. Actually it is best to say I have lived Canada’s genocide inter-generationally through the denial of my right to my ancestral land and resources. I also live it today in the destruction of my nation’s most sacred places, such as Akikodjiwan, a centuries-old […]

#MeToo and the Minimum Wage

When Patrick Brown, the leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, resigned after what insiders call his “zipper problem” came to light, what was remarkable was the lack of any denying voices other than his own. No one came forward to insist that they knew Brown and this was not Brown, or that, even if he had […]