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Beyond Voting: It’s Time to Reimagine Democracy

reimagine: to imagine again or anew; especially: to form a new conception of. During election time, we can easily get lost in the notion that voting and politicians are at the centre of democracy. And yet, democracy is so much more. Today, democracy’s detractors point to the US experiment to denigrate the idea. In Canada, […]

Preserving an Urban Oasis

On October 2, 2017, 150 people gathered outside of City Hall to celebrate our city’s parks and greenspaces. On Council’s agenda that night were plans that would impact the future of both Jackson Park and Harper Park. Harper Park is arguably one of the most diverse greenspaces in our city, with an abundance of wildlife […]

Gaslighting the Electric City

{Power/Lines] There was a bit of good news a little while ago for all the people looking for work in Peterborough. Apparently Peterborough has the second lowest unemployment rate in the country, well below Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. This should theoretically make it much easier to find a job and, if you already have a […]

Who’s in Charge of What?

{Municipal Politics/101] In this double election year, we’re due for a refresher on the responsibilities of the provincial and municipal governments. Undoubtedly you have issues that matter to you, but do you know who can affect the change you want to see? The provincial government controls health, education, and energy, and shares responsibility for justice, […]

Inside the Plan to Reduce Youth Homelessness in Peterborough

As Peterborough’s emergency shelters continue to respond to the city’s housing and homelessness crisis, a preventative strategy to reduce youth homelessness is being developed by A Way Home Peterborough (AWHP). The group’s goal is to reduce youth homelessness in Peterborough by 25% by 2021, and they’ve mapped out a wide-ranging plan to achieve it. Maddie […]

Working Centre Could Offer a Way Out for the Unemployed

It’s a common question—a staple of introductory small-talk. It’s a generally inoffensive and well-intentioned question intended to open the floodgates of conversation. It’s also a question loaded with privilege. News never covers it like this, but it’s shameful in our capitalist society to be jobless. Unemployment and underemployment is a concern for all Canadian cities, […]