Officials say US intelligence targeting is helping Ukraine find Russian generals to kill

It turns out that one reason Ukraine has already killed dozens of Russian generals while trying to fend off a Russian invasion is that the United States is providing real-time targeting of intelligence to do just that, American officials say. Tell New York times. “The United States has focused on providing the location and other details about the mobile headquarters of the Russian army, which are frequently moved,” the newspaper reported. Officials did not say how many generals they helped Ukraine target, and they do so covertly up to this point “out of fear that it would be seen as an escalation and provocation of Russian President Vladimir Putin into a wider war,” according to the timesBut they said they are not Involved in the murder of General Valery Gerasimov, Russia’s highest-ranking officer in uniform, told the newspaper that “the United States prohibits itself from providing intelligence on senior Russian leaders.” One of the drones that the United States now provides, the story notes, “can be used to identify and kill individual soldiers, and can take a general sitting in a car or giving orders on the front line.” The officials quoted in the story all spoke anonymously, while a Pentagon spokesperson said “we will not go into the details of that information” while acknowledging that the United States is providing Ukraine “information and intelligence that they can use to defend themselves.”

Read it in New York times

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