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Album Review: Yarrow Harvest – Ghost Trees

There’s something uniquely unnerving about the banjo: the off-kilter rhythms of the pluck, the metallic-yet-organic clink of the strings, the long warble of the reverberations through its hollow body. These reverberations seem endless on Ghost Trees, the latest EP from Yarrow Harvest, the ‘freak folk’ project from Peterborough’s Stephen Robert Disher. Made in tribute to […]

The Spades Perform Again in “See You When the Weather Breaks”

Bandwagon, the local video series featuring intimate performances from excellent bands, brings us a very special presentation today: a new three-song video from beloved Peterborough rockers the Spades. For a while, the Spades were one of the hottest bands in Peterborough. They were a tight, savvy three-piece pushing out twangy rock’n’roll to packed crowds every Friday […]

Album Review: Antixx/Flaws – Shit Sandwich

Two punk rock bands joined together on Canada Day this year for an all-day recording session at a studio in Chesterville, Ontario. It must have been an exhausting and frantic day, full of unbridled and destructive punk energy, but the result is a collection of unexpectedly tight and often, hooky songs. The three songs by […]

Some Peterborough Festivals Falling Behind in Gender Parity

{Gender/Equity] It’s 2018, and women are still not sharing the spotlight in Peterborough. Back in November, the organization Canadian Women Working in Music (CWWIM) released their 2017 Festival Report Card, which graded festivals on performer gender parity; of the three of Peterborough festivals included in the report, two received the lowest grade, F. As we […]

Album Review: Hurricane Charlie – Maelstrom Boogie

“There ain’t no heaven, ain’t no burnin’ hell.” These lyrics, part of a particularly nihilistic cover of Johnny Lee Hooker’s “Burnin’ Hell,” served as the centrepiece of Hurricane Charlie’s latest album, and have never felt so true as they do coming haggard and hard-won out of “Dirty” Pat Walsh. Hurricane Charlie, the collaboration of Walsh […]

Album Review: Wayne Kennedy – God’s Rejects

Though none of its five songs exceeds the two minute mark or contains more than four chords, I hear God’s Rejects as a tiny concept album, exploring the role of music, especially non-commercial music, in creating connection between people who are despised. Most of the sound is Wayne himself, his singsong, no-you-listen-to-me vocal accompanied by […]

Album Review: TW Hutchinson – Sandford

TW Hutchinson’s concept album about Sir Sandford Fleming, the 19th-century Scottish-born railway engineer who invented Standard Time and is the namesake of our local college, gets extra points for being an original idea worked out very methodically. The City of Kawartha Lakes singer-songwriter clearly did extensive research before picking up the guitar, but he also […]

Serena Ryder’s Rare Magic

It’s a holiday tradition for me now, doing my last-minute shopping for gifts somewhere on Lansdowne Street and hearing a familiar voice singing about getting in touch with an old friend, catching up, and wishing them a Merry Christmas. I know Serena Ryder’s singing voice better and more intimately than almost any other voice. For […]

Is There Room for Music in Peterborough?

The abrupt closure of the Spill prompted many discussions on performance spaces in Peterborough. November’s Precarious Festival—the month-long arts festival organized by Kate Story—examined the economic insecurity of local artists, and was inspired in part by looming gentrification of our downtown and the potential for lost artist spaces. There is a greater concern here, however: […]

Album Review: Kate Suhr – Selkie Bride

I know I’m a particularly easy mark, but when Kate Suhr sings, “This city feels electric/Maybe that’s why they all stay/Heard there’s something in the water/Calling people back this way,” I can almost smell the warm festival grass and see the stunning late August sunset behind the stage. Suhr’s musical theatre background comes through loud […]