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A Peterborough Pandemic Podcast Reflection

There used to be grammar rules for the summer, just like there used to be grammar rules for writing a sentence in grade seven. The subject had to be down time (no work), a time away from the endless pursuit of money. The action verb could be a canoe trip or other outdoor escapade. The object was re-invigorating time with friends and family; the punctuation was outdoor music and cold cider announced with the seductive tinkling of ice cubes. The COVID-19 pandemic has trashed all of that.

Journalists Changing Stance in Response to Pandemic

Over the past two weeks, the journalistic stance of media here in Canada, and I suspect other countries, has been changing in a manner worth appreciating. In a period as short as 10 days the shift has been significant and important. During the first of what has become daily addresses by our Prime Minister, the […]

Together Apart: Community Life in Times of Crisis

Editor’s Note: Cormac Russell was in Peterborough in the spring of 2018 on the invitation of Community Living Trent Highlands. While Cormac is ‘from away’ the message he and his co-authors share in this letter are resonant with our intentions at Electric City Magazine. We welcome this correspondence from fellow advocates for local civil society, […]

Letter: The Tragedy of the Art Crawl

In early September, I had the pleasure of taking part in These are Horizon Days’ pop-up piece The Clarity of Brightness. Arranged to the poetry of P.J. Thomas and directed by Wes Ryan, the production featured a cast of performers who live with disabilities, seeking to bring a voice to those who are underrepresented and […]

The Search for Space

When you try to picture a community, what do you see? You probably picture people, having conversations, working together, creating things. You may picture community events that bring those people together: street festivals, hockey games, concerts, art shows. You may picture the groups that make those events happen: neighbourhood groups, community organizations, non-profits, governments. You […]