{ Editorial ]

Letters: March 2018

Deep Gratitude Re: “On Reconciliation” [letter edited for space] Deep thanks for your many great articles. Education and sharing information to inspire new choices and new actions for our collective humanity are needed for these times. We cannot change unless we can see what it is we need to see in order to change. Your […]

Writing About Music

{Editor/ial] We’re approaching the stage in Electric City Magazine’s development where it’s becoming a little-known fact that we started out as a local music blog. Electric City Live had been around almost four years when we launched the magazine at the start of 2016. Its live music listings were widely trusted and widely consulted, and […]

2018: It’s Gonna Be a Weird One

It’s a new year, and it feels like many among us are ready to shake off the dust of 2017 and start anew. 2017 was indeed a hard year, with rising global conflicts, increasingly extreme weather events showing the fruits of global climate change, and a seemingly never-ending stream of depressing news coming over our […]

Letters: January 2018

Yes There Is Re: “Is There Room for Music in Peterborough?” I started my career playing on the street, not only did it help my playing it also developed my show man ship. Granted this is not so good for full bands but it is great for your front man and as most everyone knows […]

Letters: December 2017

Downtown Re: “Who Belongs Downtown?” As a downtown business owner ( I own the Speak Easy Cafe ) I wanted to express my opinion of tbe Downtown Ambassadors. We used their services 5 times in the few short weeks they were available to us. Having them on call so to speak made me feel better […]

A Turning Point

This December marks the end of the second year of Electric City Magazine. It has been a long, strange, wonderful, and (if we’re being honest) incredibly stressful couple of years. Making this magazine has been a joy and a struggle, and we have used these pages to speak as openly as possible about that journey, […]

Job Posting: Design and Production

Electric City Magazine is hiring! We are looking a creative, driven, and generally awesome person to take over design and production of the magazine. This person will help to maintain and develop the look and feel of the magazine, and will play an essential role in every aspect of its print production.   Responsibilities Lay […]

Letters: November 2017

Why not aim higher? Re: “Same Old Story“ Your speculation of a hypothetical situation in which Maryam Monsef had been elected mayor seems to ignore her record as an MP. Your emphasis of her willingness to “listen to people… before telling them what to do” ignores her botched electoral reform campaign that was widely criticized […]

Same Old Story

It’s an interesting thought experiment to imagine how Electric City Magazine’s political coverage would have been different if the 2014 election had ended with Maryam Monsef as mayor, and a City Council with a wider perspective on the city. To be quite honest, we get tired of writing about Mayor Daryl Bennett and City Council […]

Letters: September 2017

The Peterborough Vortex Re: “The Pull of Peterborough” I sit here on my little writing spot in the corner of my couch on King St.(near Monaghan) with my mouth open a bit. I have lived in Peterborough for 41 years and have always called Peterborough , ‘the vortex’. I gave birth to 3 Peterborouians. One […]