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Crimes of the Future A Sensational Body Horror Movie Review

In Crimes of the Future, Viggo Mortensen plays an artist with the magnificent name of Saul Tenser, who is both a source of inspiration and raw material for artists. He alters his body’s shape to change into different things and as he feels his emotions becoming more erratic, in the world around him.

Does the tendency to sprout new internal organs? Saul (Michael Fassbender) suffers through a process of constantly growing and removing internal organs in front of a live audience. Which is a symptom of a rebelling body? The bodies changed in ways Saul (Labrinth) and Caprice couldn’t predict, inhabiting an empty industrial future where people have begun to mutate and lose their ability to feel pain.

Amateur surgeries have become very normal and also more aggressive, which is taking place on the street rather than operating rooms. Meanwhile, becoming a famous artist has replaced being a doctor. Caprice and Saul are celebrities for performing an act in which they use tools from inside the modified sarcophagus originally meant for autopsies to remove the latest growth he’s sprouted as a symptom of the “Accelerated Evolution Syndrome” he suffers from.

Their expression of excitement and exhaustion reveals that surgery is having sex all over again. With their burning eyes and gasps, Timlin (Kristen Stewart) will soon insist, “Surgery is having sex. Isn’t it?” Crimes of the Future propagates on the idea that death, not sex, looms over the future and with this book, the author outlines the dark side of such predictions.

With a return to the body-horror genre, David Cronenberg marks a long awaited return to the unpredictable and avant-garde film world.However, the themes lack any real meaning and being extremely superficial. The filmmaker is not fighting against it, but rather content with the situational sexualization of women.

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