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New Website Helps Put Local Food on the Table

Finding local meat, vegetables and other products is becoming easier with a new website aiming to provide “a gateway” to food in Peterborough city and county. The website, localfoodptbo.ca, and social media platforms with the same name, @localfoodptbo, has been launched for citizens to learn about a variety of food-related resources in the community. Pat […]

‘What Can the Rest of Us Do to Be Generous Now’?

The world is relying on frontline workers, healthcare providers, scientists and many others who have vital roles in the battle against COVID-19. When Peterborough resident Megan Murphy came to that realization, she wondered what she could give back to the community in return. Megan was moved to organize a porch food drive for Kawartha Food […]

What if Civil Society and Social Enterprise Underpin What’s Next?

ECM Podcast Episode 11 Shaun Loney, author of A Beautiful Bailout, has been deeply engaged in more than 12 successful social enterprises. He has also been a senior civil servant. He has been walking the walk with social entrepreneurs for decades and offers cutting edge insights into an emerging social innovation revolution. Social enterprise and […]

‘It Feeds My Soul to See People Coming Together Like This’

A local business owner and social worker is feeling heartened by the way Peterborough residents are responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic. From people sharing their knowledge and resources Peterborough-wide to individual neighbourhoods looking out for its residents’ immediate needs, Ashley Bonner, owner of Smarketing, says the community-building efforts unfolding during these trying times is […]

‘Peterborough Shares’ Shows Peterborough Cares

Following the creation of a Facebook group for Peterborough residents to support each other throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam Emery says something has become abundantly clear — “there are saints living among us.” Peterborough Shares is truly illuminating how Peterborough cares about its fellow citizens and its community, Adam tells Electric City Magazine. The group […]

What’s Cooking?

What’s one to do with the can of kidney beans lurking in the back of the pantry? Maybe you’re wondering how to braise beef? What’s an easy meal to make with items on hand at home instead of going to the grocery store? Jeff Bergeron, a Peterborough citizen, who teaches English and history at a […]

New Group to Cultivate Peterborough’s Social Economy

A new social economy network in Peterborough is rallying people from Peterborough social justice, environmental, and local food movements to the possibilities social procurement could bring to life here. Two weeks ago, Peterborough city staff delivered a report and recommendation, as requested by city council, exploring social procurement in other cities and steps Peterborough could take in […]

Plant Roots Now for Vegetable Gardens this Summer

Citizens who plant a seed or two now can have fresh vegetables and herbs in kitchens throughout Peterborough this summer. Nourish says it’s the perfect time to get started growing food and producing produce for the months to come. Jill Bishop, community food cultivator for Nourish, chats with Electric City Magazine about the benefits of […]

Pedal the Path Less Travelled

In order to once qualify for driving a taxi in London, potential cabbies had to pass an exam that required them to know the city centre by memory. To accomplish this feat, drivers hopped onto bicycles with little maps attached to clipboards on their handlebars. They toured the city, learning all of the streets. There’s […]