{ Zara Syed ]

The Natural Warmth of Tedd2s’ Tattoo Art

There are many great artists in Peterborough, one in particular whose talent captured this reporter and photographer. His name is Tedd Hucks, a tattoo artist who happens to be as kind as he is innovative, and who is drastically changing the medium with his precise and intricate visions for body art. Born and raised in […]

Kate Story: Making Space

The stage of the Theatre on King (TTOK) is dark. People sit closely together, awaiting Festivus Rattus Rattus 2035. When the lights turn on Brad Brackenridge, playing Peterborough Mayor Daryl Bennett, is holding puppets representing City Council. Actors in large rat masks with button eyes jump out at the audience. The small, black space is […]

JERM IX Writes on Walls

The tag JERM IX is familiar in Peterborough, found almost everywhere around town. Sometimes, his stenciled poetic prose screams at you from gray and desolate walls. Recently, his arrest in Port Hope has prohibited him from creating street art again any time soon. “Outside of my home, I cannot purchase or possess paint, oils, markers, […]