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Peterborough Pollinators: Inviting the Bees Back

{Local/Currents] As spring arrives in Peterborough, the bees emerge for another season of pollination. For some of those bees, finding food and pollinating plants may be a little easier this year, thanks to the work of the Peterborough Pollinators, a citizen-led group dedicated to making the city more pollinator-friendly. Over the last few years the […]

A “Milestone” for Buddhism in North America

{Electric City/Faiths] This May will mark the tenth anniversary of a pilgrimage made by Ven. Shengguang Shi, a Buddhist monk, from the Cham Shan Buddhist Temple in Thornhill to a site just outside of Peterborough. The 135-kilometre pilgrimage took 181 days; the monk stopped every three steps to kneel and bow, touching his forehead to […]

Who Belongs Downtown?

[Local/Currents} The Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) and the City of Peterborough’s Social Services Division are funding a new program in response to complaints about panhandlers, loiterers, and perceptions that the downtown is unsafe and unsightly. The new initiative, called the Downtown Belonging Project, comes after the DBIA’s controversial piloting of the downtown ambassadors program […]

A Jewish Presence

[Electric City/Faiths} Peterborough’s Jewish community has just come to the end of the High Holy Days, a religious observance in late September and early October that starts with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and ends ten days later with Yom Kippur. Having marked their most significant holiday together as Jews, they are now widening […]

Downtown needs real ambassadors, not a private security team

Controversy erupted earlier this month when the Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) announced a new initiative to address perceptions that the downtown is unsafe and uncomfortable. The initiative is a four- to six-week pilot project, and will see privately contracted security guards called “Ambassadors” patroling the streets. They’re meant to provide support and a friendly presence […]


Earlier this summer, a photo of a Peterborough panhandler named Doug went viral on social media. Someone had given Doug fifty dollars, and then taken a picture of him smiling with the money on the corner of Water and Charlotte Streets. Thousands of likes, comments, and shares followed, revealing a large community of people who […]

A Guide to Bike Initiatives in Peterborough

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with your community on a bicycle in Peterborough. Whether you want to suit up in spandex and race, or just cruise around town on your grandparents’ one-speed, there are lots of people to do it with.   Sprockids An eight-week program run by the Peterborough Cycling Club […]

3 Great Rides Outside of Peterborough

We are lucky in Peterborough to have easy access to so many recreational bike trails and rural rides. You can head out of the city in almost any direction and quickly find yourself on a secluded trail or scenic backroad that accommodates cyclists. Want to pedal out past city limits this summer, but don’t know […]