{ Will Pearson ]

Roller Derby Woo

Peterborough’s Riverside Riot Squad is about 15 minutes into their most recent bout against Kingston’s Skateful Dead at the Evinrude Centre. They assemble themselves into a new formation they’ve been perfecting this season. Three skaters link arms in a circle to form a defensive barricade while a fourth sets up in front them as a […]

Putting Relationships at the Centre of our Local Food System

For almost ten years, By the Bushel has been connecting people in Peterborough to the food produced by local farmers. At that same time, they’ve been cultivating relationships between people who eat food and people who grow it, something that executive director Paula Anderson says is one of the keys to a healthy local food […]

Inside the Plan to Reduce Youth Homelessness in Peterborough

As Peterborough’s emergency shelters continue to respond to the city’s housing and homelessness crisis, a preventative strategy to reduce youth homelessness is being developed by A Way Home Peterborough (AWHP). The group’s goal is to reduce youth homelessness in Peterborough by 25% by 2021, and they’ve mapped out a wide-ranging plan to achieve it. Maddie […]

Touching the Past Through Music

About 700 years ago, nuns at a monastery in northern Spain had a book of music copied out by hand, probably so they could use it in their worship services. It was preserved in the convent for hundreds of years, largely unknown, before it was discovered again by researchers in the early 20th century. The […]