{ Sarah Bea ]

Working Centre Could Offer a Way Out for the Unemployed

It’s a common question—a staple of introductory small-talk. It’s a generally inoffensive and well-intentioned question intended to open the floodgates of conversation. It’s also a question loaded with privilege. News never covers it like this, but it’s shameful in our capitalist society to be jobless. Unemployment and underemployment is a concern for all Canadian cities, […]

Cooking Up a Solution for Peterborough’s “Criminality Crisis”

{Inclusion and/Accessibility] Ralph Gutkin believes that Peterborough is facing a “criminality crisis.” Gutkin, a local independent researcher and activist, is not referring to an overtaxed police force, or increased violent crime rates. The crisis concerns “recidivism,” a term for the tendency of ex-offenders to re-offend. The current staggering cost of our justice system, and the […]

Some Peterborough Festivals Falling Behind in Gender Parity

{Gender/Equity] It’s 2018, and women are still not sharing the spotlight in Peterborough. Back in November, the organization Canadian Women Working in Music (CWWIM) released their 2017 Festival Report Card, which graded festivals on performer gender parity; of the three of Peterborough festivals included in the report, two received the lowest grade, F. As we […]

Is There Room for Music in Peterborough?

The abrupt closure of the Spill prompted many discussions on performance spaces in Peterborough. November’s Precarious Festival—the month-long arts festival organized by Kate Story—examined the economic insecurity of local artists, and was inspired in part by looming gentrification of our downtown and the potential for lost artist spaces. There is a greater concern here, however: […]

The Search for Peterborough’s Best Take-Out Poutine

Whether you’re feeling peckish on a warm autumn afternoon, or searching for a savoury snack while stumbling home from the Spill, there’s one dish that is sure to satisfy your cravings: the great Canadian comfort food, poutine. This heavenly polygamous marriage of potato, gravy, and curd is plentiful here in the Peter-patch—perhaps too plentiful. With […]