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Journalists Changing Stance in Response to Pandemic

Over the past two weeks, the journalistic stance of media here in Canada, and I suspect other countries, has been changing in a manner worth appreciating. In a period as short as 10 days the shift has been significant and important. During the first of what has become daily addresses by our Prime Minister, the […]

What if Civil Society and Social Enterprise Underpin What’s Next?

ECM Podcast Episode 11 Shaun Loney, author of A Beautiful Bailout, has been deeply engaged in more than 12 successful social enterprises. He has also been a senior civil servant. He has been walking the walk with social entrepreneurs for decades and offers cutting edge insights into an emerging social innovation revolution. Social enterprise and […]

Social Procurement Could Liberate Local Potential

Whether it was by members of city staff, councillors, community members, or social enterprisers, a local exploration of social procurement led by David LePage last week was warmly and well received. Starting as it ought to have, David’s began with visiting a small group of city staff members responsible for the city’s purchasing. By the […]

Social Procurement a Game Changer for Cities

ECM Podcast Episode 10 https://electriccitymagazine.ptbopodcasters.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/41/2020/01/E10-ECM-Social-Procurement-a-Game-Changer-for-Cities-compress.mp3   In July of last year, Peterborough City Councillor Kemi Akapo introduced a motion that the City of Peterborough investigate social purchasing. Social purchasing, also known as social procurement, is maturing in its depth of practice and in the number of organizations employing it. Social procurement has made it into […]

Poverty is Not the Problem

ECM Podcast Episode 9 https://electriccitymagazine.ptbopodcasters.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/41/2019/08/E9-ECM-Poverty-is-Not-the-Problem-compress.mp3   With the advent of Peterborough’s very own tent city, Allan Smith-Reeve wrote and circulated two thoughtful pieces, Poverty is Not the Problem and How Does Our Wealth Isolate. In them he turned things on their heads a bit and asked some pointed questions. Allan invited a conversation to explore […]

Gabe Will Be Greatly Missed

Gabe Pollock’s contribution to Electric City Magazine, and by extension to the Peterborough community, has been significant. His sensibilities about fierce and independent media, the calibre of editing he brought to context rich and important stories, not to mention his love and knack for the local arts scene struck an unforgettable chord in our community. […]

What’s Next for ECM

Electric City Magazine is close to many people’s hearts. It has been seven months since the Resonance Centre for Social Evolution purchased Electric City Magazine from its founders David Tough and Gabe Pollock.