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Poverty is Not the Problem

ECM Podcast Episode 9 https://electriccitymagazine.ptbopodcasters.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/41/2019/08/E9-ECM-Poverty-is-Not-the-Problem-compress.mp3   With the advent of Peterborough’s very own tent city, Allan Smith-Reeve wrote and circulated two thoughtful pieces, Poverty is Not the Problem and How Does Our Wealth Isolate. In them he turned things on their heads a bit and asked some pointed questions. Allan invited a conversation to explore […]

Gabe Will Be Greatly Missed

Gabe Pollock’s contribution to Electric City Magazine, and by extension to the Peterborough community, has been significant. His sensibilities about fierce and independent media, the calibre of editing he brought to context rich and important stories, not to mention his love and knack for the local arts scene struck an unforgettable chord in our community. […]

What’s Next for ECM

Electric City Magazine is close to many people’s hearts. It has been seven months since the Resonance Centre for Social Evolution purchased Electric City Magazine from its founders David Tough and Gabe Pollock.

John Martyn on the Future of Peterborough

We are fast approaching the Peterborough municipal election, which occurs on October 22. An election is not just a changing of the guard in leadership. It is also an ideal time to start a conversation about the kind of city, and the kind of future, we want to build. There are many challenges facing this […]

Electric City 2021

At Electric City Magazine’s first All Citizens Meeting back in May, we were host to almost 50 people. After some connecting and mixing, people were invited to create the news three years in the future: May 2021. The following headlines and ledes were what they came up with. These 25 or so stories from the […]

Beyond Voting: It’s Time to Reimagine Democracy

reimagine: to imagine again or anew; especially: to form a new conception of. During election time, we can easily get lost in the notion that voting and politicians are at the centre of democracy. And yet, democracy is so much more. Today, democracy’s detractors point to the US experiment to denigrate the idea. In Canada, […]

A Less-Than-Modest Proposal

It was almost three years ago that the Peterborough Dialogues was begun by inviting people into the quest: what if we created a local living oasis in a global storm of shifting sands? Our pathway was to ignite our deepest gifts and possibilities as whole people, as enabled and ennobled citizens. Kinda lofty and somewhat […]