{ Natalie Hamilton ]

Group Promotes Living Life Plastic-free

From refillable water bottles to reusable grocery bags, a Peterborough group is striving to keep plastic out of both the city and its landfills. Introducing Plastic-Free Peterborough, a group of citizens conscious about the environmental impact of using plastic. The group is a local network of people committed to sharing ideas for reducing waste. Through […]

How Do Our Gardens Grow?

Peterborough is all thumbs… green thumbs that is. When it comes to rolling up their sleeves and planting to grow their own food, community members certainly dig gardening. And it’s happening full-bloom in the company of neighbours, as citizens are nurturing relationships along with the fruits and vegetables they tend to in various shared spaces […]

To Market, to Market to Buy… Local

From fresh garlic to homemade Russian-style perogies, downtown Peterborough will once again become a destination for buying local food and connecting with fellow citizens. Meandering through the bustling market will begin May 8, as the Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market launches its 2019 season. Jill Bishop, market manager, tells Electric City Magazine this season promises to […]

See The Sights On Bike This Weekend

Pedal back in time May 4 by cycling through a tour of interesting historical sites in the city, including a house built in the nineteenth century. Doors Open Peterborough is this weekend and the City of Peterborough is partnering again with Shifting Gears for the annual event. “We have continued to encourage cycling because it’s […]

Festival Provides Stage for Young Artists

From watercolour to song, the community is invited to explore the creative canvas of aspiring artists May 5. The Peterborough Youth Arts Festival (PYAF) partners with Art for Awareness to present the second annual festival for young Peterborough residents. The event gives people aged 11-17 a chance to showcase their creativity through visual art, photography, […]

Citizens Taking Steps to Recognize, explore Jackson Creek

Getting up to speed on the vitality and importance of Peterborough’s Jackson Creek will have community members lacing up their sneakers May 25. The popular and picturesque Jackson Creek and Park are focal points of Peterborough’s economic, social, and environmental past. The upcoming event is called Severed Connections: The Jackson Creek Story and is part […]

Peterborough’s Rockin’ Creativity, Community-building

While walking through the city’s parks, subdivisions and main core, keep an eye peeled for something round and colourful underfoot. Whether it’s a happy face, an animal or a feel-good message, decorated rocks are fostering creativity and cultivating community-building in Peterborough. Residents paint and hide or place rocks in various areas of the community. The […]

Talks Continue to Fund Local Social Enterprise

Providing a “Clean Slate” for former detainees through a social enterprise in Peterborough is closer to fruition. Ralph Gutkin, co-ordinator and developer of Clean Slate Co-op, says an encouraging response from the community and potential funding opportunities are two promising developments following a meeting in March in the city. “I have had both an expression […]

Peterborough’s Food Charter Nourishing Community: Dietitian

From filling schoolchildren’s bellies with Ontario-grown food to using Nourish Market Dollars to support local producers, Peterborough continues to put an emphasis on local food issues. Those are but two examples of why the formation of the Peterborough Food Charter and follow-up food security and sustainability activities are so important, says Lauren Kennedy, a dietitian […]