{ Elisha May Rubacha ]

Who’s in Charge of What?

{Municipal Politics/101] In this double election year, we’re due for a refresher on the responsibilities of the provincial and municipal governments. Undoubtedly you have issues that matter to you, but do you know who can affect the change you want to see? The provincial government controls health, education, and energy, and shares responsibility for justice, […]

Democracy Talks

Income is a key factor in determining whether people participate in elections. The unemployed, of which Peterborough has more than its fair share, are significantly less likely to vote according to Statistics Canada. Likewise, renters are less likely to vote than homeowners. This means that the folks who have the greatest interest in moving the […]

The Grassroots Boom of the First Friday Art Crawl

Offcut slabs of hand-painted drywall mark the many stops of Peterborough’s First Friday Art Crawl. In November, the tendrils of the Crawl seemed to reach a little further. Initially launched in April of this year, the Crawl has grown significantly, hundreds of people now passing through the spaces on the first Friday of every month, […]

Chris Hedges: The Revolution Will Be Written

[Transmis/sions} Journalist, activist, and Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges will be speaking in Peterborough this month as part of the Precarious Festival. His talk, “Writing as Resistance,” will address the role of the artist in society. In his article “The Artist as Prophet” he writes, “Culture, in times of distress, is not a luxury but […]