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Gaslighting the Electric City

{Power/Lines] There was a bit of good news a little while ago for all the people looking for work in Peterborough. Apparently Peterborough has the second lowest unemployment rate in the country, well below Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. This should theoretically make it much easier to find a job and, if you already have a […]

Leaders in Their Own Change

This is a story of sexual abuse and misogyny. It includes direct references to abusive language, and should be read with care by everyone who decides to read it, but especially by people for whom stories of abuse and misogyny are freighted with the trauma of personal memory. It’s also a story about young men […]

Album Review: Cris Cuddy – Time Bomb Baby

This 17-song record shows veteran singer-songwriter Cris Cuddy to be a moralist, eager to offer the world-weary wisdom of an “old man with the blues” to those in thrall to sexual lust (“Time Bomb Baby”), or power and fame (“Nashville Star”), or some twisted combination of the two (“All the Pain (Money Could Buy)”). Even […]

Emily Burgess: A Guitar Heroine Finds Her Voice

All the songs on Are We In Love?, Emily Burgess’ debut album, released late last year, are good. Most are in an electric blues vein, and feature stellar guitar fills and solos, of exactly the kind you’d expect from a musician with a little over a decade of professional experience as a lead guitarist. The […]

#MeToo and the Minimum Wage

When Patrick Brown, the leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, resigned after what insiders call his “zipper problem” came to light, what was remarkable was the lack of any denying voices other than his own. No one came forward to insist that they knew Brown and this was not Brown, or that, even if he had […]

Environmental Stewardship in a Cold Climate

{Environmental/Stewardship] Every trip around the sun begins in a deep chill, but this year’s has been particularly brutal. I have vivid childhood memories of cold, snowy winters, and I love a sunny, snowy day, feeling the crunch of taut snow underfoot, but even I’ve found the first few days of this winter pretty hard. Drew […]

Album Review: Wayne Kennedy – God’s Rejects

Though none of its five songs exceeds the two minute mark or contains more than four chords, I hear God’s Rejects as a tiny concept album, exploring the role of music, especially non-commercial music, in creating connection between people who are despised. Most of the sound is Wayne himself, his singsong, no-you-listen-to-me vocal accompanied by […]

Album Review: TW Hutchinson – Sandford

TW Hutchinson’s concept album about Sir Sandford Fleming, the 19th-century Scottish-born railway engineer who invented Standard Time and is the namesake of our local college, gets extra points for being an original idea worked out very methodically. The City of Kawartha Lakes singer-songwriter clearly did extensive research before picking up the guitar, but he also […]