{ Doug Tilley ]

Darkness Falls

{Pop/Rant] You may not have noticed, but the world is a garbage dump. Everything is terrible, nobody is happy, and the news is filled with stories of famine, pestilence, war, death, and Kanye. So it’s only sensible that our light entertainment would reflect the soul-sucking depression that consumes our every waking hour. Instead of providing […]

Destination Canada

{Pop/Rant] Canada is paradise. A pine-filled terra firma of love and compassion, where we cheerfully trade in the bombast of the rockets’ red glare for our glorious and free home and native land. In these uncertain times, don’t you want to live in a country where everyone knows your name? Where your biggest concerns are […]

That’s Entertainment!

{Pop/Rant] We’ve been overwhelmed lately with show business luminaries talking about how motion pictures are dying. Whether it be Martin Scorsese (Boxcar Bertha; New York, New York) plaintively stating that “cinema is gone,” or Ridley Scott (A Good Year; Exodus: Gods and Kings) complaining that “cinema is mainly bad,” it seems like Hollywood’s old guard […]

Better Than You

{Pop/Rant] If 2016 has taught us nothing else, and it certainly hasn’t, it’s that our Earth needs protecting. No, not from a race of aliens looking to aggressively sap our natural resources (while also being surprisingly susceptible to disease/computer viruses/water), but from those soulless capitalist dregs of humanity desperate to turn our rapidly dwindling stock […]

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

{Pop/Rant] 2016 has been a tumultuous year. Every celebrity you’ve ever loved has died, the United States elected a despotic fascist (who’s also kind of an idiot), and rampant climate change has spelled doom for us all. But all is not lost in this era of Harambe memes and binge-watching the latest season of Stranger […]

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

{Pop/Rant] We live in an era of racial enlightenment far removed from the disgusting “yellow peril” depictions of Asians in common use in cinema throughout the 30s and 40s. It’s no longer a surprise to see Asian actors in all manner of roles in big-budget Hollywood films, whether it be sidekick, best friend, waiter, or—my […]

You Say You Want a Revolution?

{Pop/Rant] Hi there. I’m a white, cisgender male (he/him/his) in his mid 30s, and I’m a liberal. That means I care. I care about this country. I care about the U.S.. I care about war. I care about famine. I care about recycling. I care about RuPaul’s Drag Race. I care about Ryan Lochte. I […]

Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime

{Pop/Rant] Stitch up your letterman jacket and start polishing some apples, it’s time to go back to school! Yes, we’re rapidly approaching fall, where a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of the inherent flaws in standardized testing, and the relaxing dog days of summer are replaced with a crippling anxiety that will haunt your […]

Kill the Millennials (Before It’s Too Late)

{Pop/Rant] They are all around us. Perhaps you’ve seen them: huddled in groups around a table at your local coffee shop, or lurking in the high grass searching for pokemon. They are called Millennials, and while we’ve been building this country into something beautiful with only the sweat off of our unkempt eyebrows, they’ve been […]