{ Doug Tilley ]

A Humble Apology

{Pop/Rant] It’s been brought to my attention that a recent column of mine (“Anywhere But Here: A Modest Proposal”) has ruffled a few feathers in the downtown core among a certain element who feel like calling for the wholesale murder of vulnerable drug users is in some way “heartless,” “cruel,” or “complete and total madness.” […]

Anywhere But Here: A Modest Proposal

{Pop/Rant] Let me preface this by declaring that I’m not a crackpot, and that I am speaking for each and every citizen living in the Peterborough downtown core. What I have to say will not be easy to hear, but it’s what you’ve all been thinking, and you have simply been waiting for someone with […]

Toxic Avengers

{Pop/Rant] It’s a difficult time to be a real fan. Oh, sure, never has geekdom been catered to on a larger scale. Superheroes and Star Wars flood cinemas, while even niche properties have found a second (or third) life in a variety of reboots, prequels, sequels, semi-sequels, proto-remakes, reimaginings, and gleepquels (a term I’ve devised […]

A Bad Year

{Pop/Rant] Take a deep breath. It’s over. You’ve made it. 2017 was a supremely terrible year for reasons too numerous to list, but they say when you’re going through hell, you just have to keep going. And if you’re reading this you’ve made it into 2018. And it’s going to get better. After the trauma […]

Power Play

{Pop/Rant] With the recent saturation of news on Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer who allegedly used his position to sexually harass and assault hundreds of women over a period of decades, the world has suddenly become hyper aware of the epidemic of intimidation and coercion that exists in the entertainment industry, and anywhere else where […]

Embrace The Darkness

{Pop/Rant] In recent columns I’ve become a bit fixated on how the world in 2017 is a very, very scary place. Perhaps that’s why October is my favorite month of the year, since the arrival of Halloween gives me an opportunity to push aside thoughts of global conflicts, potential skin cancer, and how in the […]

The Safety Dance

{Pop/Rant] We live in uncertain times. Terror attacks seem to occur on a weekly basis. White nationalists march freely in the streets. And the threat of nuclear war hangs over us all. Not to mention that big orange idiot in the White House creating international calamities on a weekly (daily?) basis. But with crisis comes […]

A-Camping We Will Go!

{Pop/Rant] Take a deep breath. Do you taste it? The city air is like bitter ash in your mouth. It’s made your body soft and complacent. Your mind is slow. Your genitals? Useless. But not mine. I’ve recently discovered the joy of camping! Nothing quite beats a return to the wilderness, where it’s only your […]

Memories of a Free Festival

{Pop/Rant] Summer is rapidly approaching, and that means only one thing: FESTIVALS! Craft festivals, beer festivals, Caribbean festivals, tree festivals… festivals of all sizes and stripes. For those poor souls trapped in the damp furnace that is Peterborough, Ontario during these long summer months, festivals provide a brief respite from lounging on patios, avoiding our […]

Freedom of Choice

{Pop/Rant] I was recently talking with my wife about music, and the topic of (seminal English punk group and “only band that matters”) the Clash came up. She startlingly declared to me that the Clash were, in her words, “a boy’s band,” meaning that their music and its subject matter was meant to appeal specifically—and […]