{ Bill Templeman ]

A Peterborough Pandemic Podcast Reflection

There used to be grammar rules for the summer, just like there used to be grammar rules for writing a sentence in grade seven. The subject had to be down time (no work), a time away from the endless pursuit of money. The action verb could be a canoe trip or other outdoor escapade. The object was re-invigorating time with friends and family; the punctuation was outdoor music and cold cider announced with the seductive tinkling of ice cubes. The COVID-19 pandemic has trashed all of that.

Hockey as a Winter Survival Strategy

The dead of a Peterborough winter. Snow, slush, grey, wet, bitter cold; all these are the benchmarks of our short days and long nights. Underfoot, gravel, filthy ice, cigarette butts, and frozen dog shit in sedimentary layers pave our buckling sidewalks. Spring sunlight and greenery are all too remote to be imagined. So we retreat […]

Peterborough’s Usual Suspects?

Sitting on the patio at the Only on Hunter Street on a warm summer evening, cold drink in hand, indie tunes wafting across Jackson Creek from the Garnet, and a gallery of friendly faces in the crowd, you may be forgiven for concluding that Peterborough is the best small city in Ontario: all around you, […]